What Are the Hottest Hollywood Diets?


With the prominence given to ways to lose weight nowadays, people are naturally curious to know what diets are available, do they work and who is using them. Since Hollywood stars are so news-worthy, the diets they are using is certainly going to be of interest. One would expect that they are varied and quite possibly not the type of diet that would suit a family on a budget. Perhaps you might be surprised at some of the Hollywood diets.

A Sample of the diets used by celebrities.

Gwyneth Paltrow uses a 7 day elimination diet consisting of liquid meals and snacks (room temperature lemon water, coconut milk and an occasional handful of berries and almonds.) She likes to do this around twice a year and also uses Master Cleanse, but cautions that you should consult your Doctor before hand. That would be sound advice.

Kelly Clarkson reportedly lost 20 pounds by working out and making diet changes, but has regained some of the weight lost because she didn’t keep to her routine. Celebrities too have problems with yo-yo weight loss.

Kevin Eubanks, jazz musician, Voted PETA’s World’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2007. He reckons healthy vegetarian meals are the easiest way to stay fit, healthy and feel great.
Carrie Underwood has lost 15 – 20 pounds since her idol days. She exercises with a treadmill and swimming and eats healthy meals. She admits to a weakness for cheese, keeps a daily food diary and carries whole grain Kashi bars around every where she goes. The food diary helps her to control her food intake.

Jessica Simpson does regular workouts and follows her trainer’s 5 Factor Diet: 5 meals per day – 5 elements per meal (proteins, good fats, healthy carbs, fiber and sugar-free beverage.)


From this selection you can see that most of them do not follow extreme Hollywood diets and importance is placed on regular exercise. The most obvious point perhaps is that few of them appear to start off from being greatly over weight, but in most instances, following a healthy balanced diet still offers the best solution when you need to lose weight