What Are Helicopter Couriers?

.tags Most people think of a square van and a driver in a uniform when they think about delivery services. There are other types of delivery companies out there though, some of which are uniquely specialized, and suited best to making very specific types of deliveries. When delivering a small package or envelope across a downtown center with typically gridlocked traffic, a bicycle messenger is the best way to move something. If you’re shipping an emergency medical shipment to a hospital the next city over, you might instead look into a helicopter courier service.

A helicopter courier company might operate as an independent operation that has its own clients. There are also helicopter couriers that instead work with other larger courier companies in the area. Then, when those courier companies need a delivery made by helicopter instead of by more conventional means, they can sub-contract the job out to the helicopter company.

Helicopter courier companies have any number of advantages that give them the edge over other types of couriers who have to remain on the ground. First of course, there is an obvious speed advantage. Although a helicopter doesn’t make nearly as good of time as a commercial plane, they are still much faster on average than a car traveling on a freeway.

The other advantage of a helicopter is that it doesn’t have all the obstacles that will slow it down like a car does. A helicopter doesn’t have to contend with traffic, stoplights, or all the other things that can slow a vehicle down that has to travel on the ground. Therefore, a helicopter will actually get to make its top speed most of the way to its destination, something a car will never achieve.

Helicopter couriers are used for more than just making quick deliveries through. They are also used by companies that need to make deliveries to locations that can’t be reached by the other types of courier vehicles that they use. For instance, helicopters are sometimes used to make deliveries to and pickups from locations like off shore oil platforms.

Helicopters are used very often in the completion of medical deliveries. The speed and flexibility they offer make them perfect for emergency response, and to help make them even more convenient for this purpose, some hospitals have installed landing facilities right on their sites. That way, the courier can get the delivery to the door without worrying about having to transfer the shipment to ground transport before it gets to the hospital.