Weight Loss Diet Programs – A Closer Look


There are weight loss diet programs that work well. Some people lump all programs into a single category: the “gimmick” diet. This is actually not always the case. There are definitely some out there created to make a buck. However, there are others that have been well researched and actually can help you reach your fitness goals. Weight loss diet programs are a great way to help you get the body you have always wanted.

Why try Weight Loss Diet Programs?

If you already have a plan in your mind to get you to shed pounds quickly, then by all means give it a go! However, some people need a little more guidance as they work through such a life-changing challenge. This is where weight loss diet programs can come in handy. If you do the research and find a plan that fits your lifestyle and presents a healthy method rather than a gimmicky one, you might find you reach your goals much faster than you otherwise would.

The Five Factor Diet

You might have heard of fitness trainer Harvey Pasternak or his five factor diet plan. This was a popular option among weight loss diet programs. The concept is simple, and works well for people with craving concerns. The general idea is that rather than eating a few larger meals, you will eat more smaller ones. You are still taking in the same quantities, with the same vitamins and minerals to keep you going. However, you are spreading the meals out.

The Five Factor Diet goes even further by setting specific guidelines for your meals. The focus is on “good” fat content, fewer carbohydrates, and protein. A sugar free beverage usually accompanies the meals.

Aside from eating more often and better, you must also include exercise into your weekly schedule. Pasternak’s weight loss diet programs recommend at least five workout sessions each week. This plan has been proven to help people reach their weight goals and maintain them indefinitely.

The Calorie Restriction Diet

There is another popular method among weight loss diet programs. This option, called the Calorie Restriction Diet, is also relatively simple. The idea here is that you keep your calorie intake to a minimum. Many people love the simplicity of this in comparison to other weight loss diet programs.

When you attempt the Calorie Restriction Diet, you must keep track of your calorie intake each meal. Most acceptable foods fall into the fruits and vegetable categories with low calorie protein items as well. This diet is easy to follow, however you must be prepared to exercise restraint should cravings for high calorie foods hit.

No matter which weight loss diet programs interest you, make sure you include exercise along with healthier eating. The fastest, most efficient way to reach your fitness goals is to do everything you can, including a little physical activity. You can start slow and build up. Within weeks, you will definitely notice your abilities increasing as well as your confidence!