Web Development In Australia Adapting To Erevolution

.tags The days are over when businesses were having attitude to get a website developed once and forget about it. Its an eRevolution now and every business are conscious and requires to get identified on web and reach worldwide audience. New methods, technologies and platforms are invented to increase the interactivity of the websites and give a compelling user experience. Web 2.0 is the latest example of this eRevolution.

Web development in Australia has experienced dramatic changes in the technologies, development process adapting to the web 2.0 eRevolution to meet the increasing demand by businesses from varied industrial domains. Today the website development in Sydney has experienced tremendous growth in Australia web development industry and stands as a top service provider of vast pool of skilled web developers and web application development companies.

Most of the companies servicing website development in Australia are using the latest technologies and Open source platforms. Open source platforms or frameworks are those which can be used for free for developing websites and web applications. There are many open source platforms available for diverse web application development. Examples of some revolutionary open source platforms includes:

1) Content management system (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, WordPress, Mambo, etc

2) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) like SugarCRM, Vtiger, etc.

3) Ecommerce development like Magento, Oscommerce, X-cart, VirtueMart, Presta Shop, etc.

4) Rich Internet applications development using open source technology like Flex.

Hence almost all types of web application development can be done using Open source platforms. Another trend or revolution seen amongst the businesses in Australia is to have dynamic websites and rich internet applications (RIA). Such types of application have rich features, multimedia capabilities, interactive in nature with compelling graphics. Rich Internet applications can be ecommerce portals, Reservation websites, Dynamic corporate website or any business process management portal. The reason for the popularity of the RIA development in Australia is due to the interactive capability it gives to a web application. There are many companies into web development in Australia offers RIA development.

Many companies providing web development in Australia do also serve internet marketing services. Basically they help businesses by marketing their website and bring them on top of the search engine results. The processes like search engine optimization, search engine marketing are adopted under internet marketing services. In Sydney most of the website development companies offer internet marketing services.

A well established web development company in Australia does have IT consulting service division. As in this era of eRevolution every business is optimizing the technology to improve their in-house business process and reduce operational costs; companies providing IT consultancy services help such businesses to do the right use of technology and deploy the IT project efficiently. Sydney website development industry has most of the companies who offer IT consultancy services.

Due to the advancements in technologies the service providers of web development in Australia can cater to high end requirements of web application development. Even for businesses it became quite easy to find a well experienced web development company in Sydney, Australia at very cost effective rates.