Ways For a Small Business to Integrate Labor Day With Their Email Marketing Campaigns?


The arrival of Labor Day means that the email marketer has more chance to enhance sales and intensify business for his organization. In reality, this day might bring more potential results than all the others because it is the turning point between summer and the start of a time when multiple consumers feel ready to consume for the upcoming winter season. Are you stumped on how to utilise Labor Day for your email marketing programs? There is no need to worry, since the suggestions below will help you gain creative juices flowing.


Leverage the Labor Day Concept


Most people know that Labor Day is observed to honor the efforts of the Untied States’ workforce. Though it has become well known for weekend celebrations and partying, the origin of this holiday is still something you can play on in your email marketing campaigns. More than likely, many of your hard working customers will have time away from work to enjoy cookouts with family and friends. This gives you all the incentive to engage them with content and offers that connect with those good times. Crafting marketing pitches that emphasize their hard work and the need to relax could also be effective strategy for your campaigns.


Form Partnerships With Non-Competing Businesses


By the time September rolls around, a lot of businesses have already allocated their marketing resources to something else and are gearing up for the Christmas holiday season. This makes Labor Day the perfect time to partner up with other businesses for a little cross-promoting. You do not want to team up with someone you are in direct competition with, so get together with those that will benefit your campaign and not threaten to put you out of business. Some good ideas would be a local gas station or restaurant that wants to treat patrons in the area to special discounts for their hard work. You could even take this venture outside of email by leveraging other marketing channels. Share the cost with your partner and both parties could make out rather nicely.


Take Advantage of the Season


What is so great about Labor Day is that it falls right around the time other important events are taking place. Aside from the few days of good times, children are also gearing up for school, which gives you the opportunity to engage the parents on your list with offers they could find value in. The NFL season kicks off around this time as well, and this could be the start of something you can leverage all the way into the new year. Doing something like providing updates on team rosters or even the schedule of their local team could be a good way to relate to the sports observers on your list. When preparing your Labor Day email marketing campaign, remember to exercise some creativity, deliver a solid call to action, and you just may have enough momentum to end the year on a very high note.