Wave of Protest in Europe, September 2010


On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, thousands of workers in Europe rushed into streets to protest against austerity measures. European capitals were so crowded with demonstrators marching in order to “fight” against the governments’ austerity measures. Particularly, officials in Brussels submitted sanctions to governments who cut their budget deficits and debt. The European Day of Action took place in many capitals of Europe including Madrid, Brussels, Greek, and so on. Let’s have a review at the recent demonstration of workers in Europe On Wednesday, September 29, 2010.


The “No to austerity! Priority for jobs and growth!” demonstration attracted many workers and trade union representatives on the streets of Brussels, Belgium on September 29, 2010


Hundreds of Latvian Free Trade Union Confederation’s workers joined in the “No to austerity, Priority for jobs and growth!” protest in Riga, capital of Latvia in order to fight against the government’s austerity measures


Approximately one thousand workers of Latvia took part in the “No to austerity, Priority for jobs and growth!” protest


Thousands of workers took the opportunity to take part in the march organized in the protest with a view to fighting against the government’s cutting their budget deficits and debt


Thousands of Labour Union workers gathered in crowds on the streets of Madrid, Spain


The Madrid airport was stuck on September 29, 2010 because of the strike led by Union Leaders Carmona Mendez and Ignacio Toxo in order to protest against the labor reform


The building of the European Commission was blocked to protect against waves of demonstrations calling for jobs and against spending cuts and tax raise in Brussels, Belgium


The great demonstration was led by the 27 trade unions of the EU countries


There were some struggles happening between demonstrators and police officers


The European officials have been solving budget deficits and debt for workers without affecting their labor rights



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