Watervale Attractions


Watervale is definitely a small area sitting at the midst of Clare Valley. A gorgeous town which is encompassed by vineyards which is settled 118 kilometres up north of Adelaide in the Southern section of Clare Valley region, The name originated in 19th century and was coined when travellers lamented how they found its way to Watervale but cannot find any water at all.

This town was primarily a result with the work of David Davies at around 1840’s. It became an essential settlement. Schools for example, the Old Stanley Grammar, and churches like Uniting Church and the Methodist were formed. The recently repaired structures are part of the National Trust building giving the location a piece of history to cherish.

Among the best interesting attractions in Watervale are listed below:

Annie’s Lane at Quelltaler Estate. Is one of the most recognized wineries which were around since 1863 until now. Annie’s Lane is among the many historical sites which are based in Watervale 135 km north of Adelaide.

Clos Clare. Set up in the year 1993 by Tom and Sam Barry, grandchildren of Jim Barry, Clos Clare is actually a small winery that is definitely worth a visit. The two grandsons own a little lower than 2 hectares of Riesling in the area.

Situated at the center section of Watervale in Clare, Crabtree wines was established in the early 80’s by then owner Robert Crabtree. Now, the estate is being run by Kerri Thompson the winemaker and with the help of Brendan Pudney plus the present owners Richard Woods and Rasa Fabian. The estate carries 13 hectares of the best Watervale vineyards and then a hundred tonne winery.

Morella Cottage Nursery. Located in Watervaleis another heritage cottage featuring a lovely garden that showcases all the art work of Clare Valley, Morella Nursery is another location to go. The spot gives their visitors the opportunity to shop with one of the most unique product of Clare Valley. Pastries and coffee can be purchased during weekends.

Corella Hill Studio/Gallery. Another Watervale attraction is the Corella Hill Studio. Right here is the place that you will experience an excellent view throughout the vineyards, south from the valley. Art enthusiast will trulyhave fun with the ambience of Murray’s operating area and display room. This is actually the place where you could share your thought together with other people coming to the place. Chat about the works as well as those that are still in progress. You could also consume a packed lunch at their verandas or underneath the trees’ shades.

Olssens of Watervale. Situated in the north-western side of Watervale, the Olssen vineyard takes benefit with the steep valley sides which is causing a shading effect althroughout the area resulting to the best wines.

Stephen John Wines. For two-and-a-half decades, owner Stephen John has been a winemaker. He came from a long line of coopers from the Barossa Valley. Early 1994, he then decided to put up a winery of his own. So he created one that has 7 hectares of vineyard that is all grown dry. He used a stable for his cellars which is 4 decades old. Now, with his success, he renovated the place that is now has the best view of Watervaleas well as its vineyards. Group tours are possible if you will make a scheduled appointment ahead of time.

This is just 7 of the finest attractions given to you from this beautiful place, plus there is plenty more. Enjoy a hundred years of historical past while taking pleasure in the Accommodation Clare Valley style, excellent wines and one special experience.

Accommodation Clare Valley type has many technique and yes it will depend with you. One thing is definite, your stay is certainly worth higher than any amount of money on earth.