Watch Special Punjabi Programs on DISH Network


With the arrival of Satellite Television viewers have all the scope to broaden their spectrum of programming choices and services. Gone is the time when people had to remain satisfied with handpicked programs that their cable distributors dished out for them. Plus, rampant disturbances in transmission of programs and high charges restricted the popularity of television. However the scenario changed to a great extent when DISH Network Satellite TV ventured into the market place in mid 90s. Within this short span of time DISH already attracted over fourteen million subscribers of the whole of United States. Tracing out the reason the experts concluded that DISH Network’s exquisite programming packages along with few special features and services have drawn the attention of so many numbers of people.

Amidst numerous programming packages that DISH offers to its subscribers a special mentioning may be made of the international programming packages. In this matter DISH has carved out its own niche by offering maximum number of channels in international programming. Thus you can get more than 170 international channels in 28 languages. Ask for programs in any of the languages of the world like Brazilian, Japanese, Vietnamese and many more DISH Network can serve it within a fraction of second.

However it is to be noted that DISH Network is not the sole provider to offer programs in international languages. Other contenders like cable television, DirecTV also have come up with the lucrative packages in languages like Spanish, Vietnamese but in terms of number and variety they will be out rightly washed out of the competition. With DISH Network you are assured of getting both multiple channels along with standard programs of the market. Can you ask for anything more?

Recent survey has revealed that the heartland of United States is crowded with a huge population of Punjabi families. For the entertainment of these Punjabi speaking people DISH Network has come up with exclusive programming packages in Punjabi language. There is another reason behind the popularity of this DISH Network Punjabi programming package in United States. It will help them to stay close to culture and heritage of Punjab, their motherland. Thus they can easily stay at home away from home.

What are the programs that are aired on the Punjabi channels of DISH Network? You can have a galore of good times in watching programs that include news, songs, dance, current affairs, talk shows and many more. Specifically speaking, DISH Network offers the exclusive The Punjabi Pack which constitutes of 7 Punjabi channels of high quality and standard. From these channels you can watch wide ranging programs like news, entertainment, top drama serials, musical programs, movies, documentaries. Also you can get access to a handful of kids’ programs, talk shows, cultural programs and many more. Punjabi channels are namely ALPHA ETC PUNJABI (DISH TV channel no. 622); GPUNJAB NEWSTIME (DISH TV channel no 621); JUS ONE (DISH TV channel no 581); JUS PUNJABI TV (DISH TV channel no 809); MH1 (DISH TV channel no 812); PTC PUNJABI (DISH TV channel no 604); PUNJJABI TV.

So bring home this comprehensive Punjabi programming package and thus stay tune to the world of entertainment and amusement round the clock.