Want to Buy Property Taxes Houses? First, Avoid the Auction


If you’re going to invest in property, you’d be wise to buy property taxes houses. When you get it the right way (outside of tax sale), it can be virtually headache-free and very profitable. Follow these steps to buy tax property with little to no competition for less than $ 200.

1. Don’t try to bid at the auction. Other bidders will ensure you don’t get any good deals. Inexperienced newbies will bid more than they should. Also, you don’t get to see the interior of the property until close to a year has gone by. A lot can happen in a year – especially when people are broke and need quick cash! Obviously, this isn’t a good way to invest. You’ll get your properties by going around the auction instead.

2. The year after tax sale – specifically, the last three months – will be your “strike zone.” By close to the end of the redemption window, people who can pay their taxes will already have done so. The homes unredeemed at this point are probably not going to be redeemed in time. And this is exactly what you want to be looking for when you buy property taxes houses.

3. Determine who the owners are, and locate them. This can be done easily using free internet searches. Then, call or email them. Initiating contact via phone is usually your best bet.

4. When you reach the owner, ask for the deed. They’ll likely accept a small amount for their time – $ 200 or less. If you don’t think this will work, just try it for yourself – you’ll be amazed how many owners just want the deed out of their name as soon as possible.

5. Take your profits – pay the back taxes or quickly sell the property. Pay the property taxes if you want to rent out, or even live in the property. Or you can always avoid paying the taxes by selling to someone else before the end of the redemption period. Whichever method you end up choosing, one thing is for sure – you’ll make money.

Try the above method and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. The bad economy has produced an amazing opportunity to buy property taxes houses and make a lot of money while doing it – so don’t wait.