As you approach the entrance to Epcot, which is one of the themed parks that make up Walt Disney World Orlando, you are suddenly taken back by the immense size of Space Ship Earth, that’s the great big Globe structure. It is not until you are up close do you realize how big this structure is.


Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow; EPCOT Center was constructed for an estimated $ 800 million to $ 1.4 billion and took three years to build.


The theme park originally was known as EPCOT Center to reflect the fact that the park was built to embody the ideals and values of EPCOT the city. The park consists of two sections; Future World and World Showcase, laid out in an hourglass shape. Both sections are patterned after the types of exhibits found at world expositions. In its early years, Epcot was often called a “permanent World’s Fair.”


My excitement and curiosity overtook me when I first visited Walt Disney World, I just could not wait to get inside this fantastic structure to see what it was all about. I had no idea then for what was in store for me, it is a truly unique and interesting attraction with its own wow factor. If you go to Epcot and I sincerely hope you will have the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World, Space Ship earth should be on your must do list.


Once inside Space Ship earth you climb a board a specially constructed tram car which is your method of transport inside the dome, once comfortably seated you are gently moved through and upward into the top of the sphere.


Disney certainly knows how to put on a show and Space Ship Earth is no exception to this rule. Through a superb range of very modern automatons, audio and visual displays you are guided through a journey of discovery, that journey is how man has mastered the art of worldwide communication. The attraction takes you from the early beginnings of mass communication when monks would sit and painstakingly write and copy script from the bible, they would then copy the works again into other books, which would allow the written word to be circulated through the land.


How the world has changed, communications now frequently allow us to watch live events happen in any part of the World by the invention of television. After you are introduced to the communication theme in Space Ship Earth, your specially made car transports you very gently through the ages where you see glimpses of the early printing press machinery, you are then shown how the moving talking pictures came about in wonderful animated models and special audio, visual affects, I remember Disney Snow White and the seven dwarfs being featured here.


Your vehicle moves on to the top of the globe where you are met by a sky map complete with twinkling stars, this feature forms part of the top of the dome. It is wonderful to see the sky map and the constellations spread out across the Milky Way. Your journey moves on as your trusty form of transport, is suddenly turned backward for the home journey. This is not a dramatic twist so nothing to worry about.


Once turned round your eyes follow the patterns of fiber optic cable simulating light signals, light turning on and off is how information is sent down a fiber, the glass tubes carry pulses of encrypted light signals which are converted back in to audio or visual means which we humans can understand. This technology is used nowadays to connect computers to the internet or World Wide Web.


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