VW Beetle inspired house and restaurant designs


House is not merely a place to stay or to come back after long working hours at the office. People build houses as a means to create happiness and to enjoy a true familial atmosphere. With many people, house also becomes personal identity. Special impressively designed houses can bring fame and pride to the owners. Therefore, architects have continuously thought of unique and even bizarre house designs. People have seen Zen house, Glass Prefab house, Arched Timber Roof House. Creativity of house designers seems unlimited. They can get inspired from everyday items like a leaf, a telephone, a book or a car. Recently, Car.Das Auto restaurant and the house named Auto Residence which is located in the north of Salzburg, Autria has enchanted visitors and even by-passers with the impressive VW Beetle inspired design. The idea of the design was inspired over a decade ago but it was not until 2003 that the construction of house and restaurant was completed. Let’s have a look at the uniquely designed house and restaurant.


The outside overview of Car.Das Auto restaurant


The owners of the house and restaurant had dreamt of building the buildings in the shape of a bug just like the design of VW Beetle


Their dreams were shared with architect Markus Voglreiter and he came up with this crazy idea


Auto Residence includes some snazzy details like the headlamp shaped windows and suspension spring-themed columns inside


The house is also very environmentally friendly with a special heating center that minimize the consumption of energy


It costs over 1.6 million euro to build the restaurant


The impressive design of Auto Residence was the inspiration of the construction of Car.Das Auto restaurant


The VW Beetle inspired home was a hit in Austria


Modern and well designed toilet



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