Vodafone Pocket Wifi ? Let?s Obtain A Look At Australia?s Terrific Wifi Offer


If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the Vodafone pocket wifi device, you’ll probably want to have knowledge of 2 things. First, will I come by value for my bankroll and secondly, is the supply a reliable one?

Both are important questions you should look to come up with answers for when signing up for any group of broadband, not just wifi! Australia has a history for stinging customers with unfair costly usage charges which has left oodles consumers feeling like the victim of a bait and switch scam.

Thankfully, Vodafone is not one of the particular companies. I have been using the Vodafone pocket wifi product for the past month and I have purely accommodating things to say about it to date. No company is infallible and everyone makes mistakes but I think their merchandise is the most fitting on the showroom.

Here’s why.

It’s affordable! I compared the prices of each the biggest lightweight wifi providers in Australia. Companies like Telstra, Optus, Internode, Vivid and a few others. A year ago, there were not too oodles companies offering lightweight wifi but that’s reconditioned. That lead to greater competition which consistently benefits consumers. Vodafone’s entry level plan is an affordable $ 29 a month with 3Gb of date; more than enough for your average user.

It’s fast! I’ve been running some speed tests from on various websites and I typically come by 5mbit down and 1mbit up. While not as fast as a fixed ADSL2 connection, it’s still more than enough speed to stream YouTube videos and download your music and TV shows from iTunes considerably fast. It’s absolute for gaming as well! I regularly play Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2 over my Vodafone access with latency of around 40ms-65ms.

Anyone that has used wifi ahead of is well aware that sometimes connections drop and this can be a remarkable inconvenience if you are transferring files or playing online games. Why do some providers provide an model supply that not under any condition drops out while others make the scene to be plagued with problems? Does the Vodafone pocket wifi fall victim to this? No!

To be honest, I’m not sure but I’ve not experienced any drops outs with the Vodafone pocket wifi. Not once has it dropped it’s access while gaming or downloading files. I attribute this to their absolute coverage in most metropolitan areas. Now, I live near the city in Melbourne so, if you’re from regional areas around Australia, I can’t profoundly comment on what their utility is like there but it’s been A+ to date in any place I’ve used it around Melbourne and Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW.

The download and upload speed has without exception been a reliable 5mbit. I’ve not experienced any slow downs or congestion. For $ 29 a month for 3Gb, it’s a contraption I’ve been astonishingly excited about. In fact, it’s my favourite obtain for 2010. Going into 2011, I’m definite we’re going to see even more appropriate value deals from Vodafone and I’m looking exceedingly forward to this.

Come and come up with the best deal on your decidedly very own vodafone pocket wifi deal this moment and be frugal a bundle on online network costs!