Vitamin C “volatile”


Recent years, Vitamin C Mainly by the six companies in the global control: Shijiazhuang Pharmacy , North China Pharmaceutical Group, Northeast Pharmaceutical, country pharmacy, as well as the Netherlands and Germany, DSM BASF . At present, global production capacity of vitamin C more than 130,000 tons, demand generally remained at 90,000 tons, while the four major domestic enterprises has been more than 90 thousand tons capacity. The formation of a global oversupply of state, therefore, companies usually take the limited production price measures to stabilize the market. However, changes in the market or the supply and demand play a decisive role.

2007 vitamin C price fluctuations, market vagaries. After many years of stagnation, by the API Trade situation, the impact of vitamin C have also joined the ranks of prices. Price changes are mainly reflected in the third quarter of this year, started to rise from June, when exports quoted at 11 U.S. dollars / kg, then continued tight supply, to only slightly down in August, about 9 ~ 10 dollars / kg, has remained at 9 U.S. dollars / kg.

Lifeline still squeeze in the hands of foreigners

2006, China’s total exports of vitamin C as 71,050 tons, the export price is only 3.3 U.S. dollars / kg, and by 1 October this year, export volume has reached 58,473 tons, the average export price of 4.42 U.S. dollars / kg, this year June actual export prices more than 5 U.S. dollars / kg, is also a bit higher prices in recent years.

Chinese companies sold 70% of the output of the international market, export volume and prices directly affect the four companies of vitamin C, so that Chinese vitamin C industry overly dependent on the international market, but as the industry concentration, Chinese enterprises the world has a voice and representation. Changes in export prices in 2007 also illustrates the international market for vitamin C needs.

Narrow domestic development of space Vitamin C the domestic market does not seem to let everyone something to look forward, the share of domestic production accounts for only about 30%, compared with only a small part of international markets, therefore, enterprises often do not focus on the domestic market. China, as a large population, the future development of space vitamin C market remains to be further developed.

This year in March, the external offer of Vitamin C in the 33 to 35 yuan / kg, by early May cut-off of DSM, a slight increase in demand, the price rose to 60 yuan / kg, is jump up on July 85 yuan / kg. To 8,9 months, affected by the off-season, demand is reduced, and Stock Not completely Digestion Out, a modest reduction in the price. October to early December prices little changed, the domestic price remained at 60 to 65 yuan / kg.

Although the high prices brought huge profits to the producers, but next year prices will persist in what position is still uncertain, the possibility of rising relatively small. Industry that export prices expected to stabilize within 7 USD / kg. Countries in the industrial restructuring plan this year, vitamin C Yuan Liao as a restricted product of the future foreign investment in the expansion or the possibility of adding relatively small, relatively speaking, to ensure price stability in the case, Chinese enterprises make better use of capacity up is not.