Visiting The Dentist That Cares

.tags My children love going to the dentist! I am fortunate that I have found someone that treats each member of my family with respect and dignity. As a general practitioner, out family dentist is committed to treating each patient with great care. For this reason my children look forward to their six month checkups and having the Houston Texas dentist take an x-ray and clean their teeth. Even my youngest who is 5 likes to have his teeth cleaned and examined. Of course it helps that each child comes away with their new toothbrush and floss as well as a sample sized tube of toothpaste. Knowing that they are doing a good job with their own oral hygiene, my kids like being able to show up to the dentist and receive a report that their teeth are healthy and strong.

On occasion when visiting the Houston Texas dentist office one of my children will have a cavity that needs attention, but with the care that they receive they are not squeamish about the procedure. As the doctor takes the time to explain what is happening and showing my children the instruments that will be used, each child has overcome their natural fear of the dentist and does what he or she can to keep their teeth healthy and strong. With a regular semiannual checkup my children sometimes become impatient and ask when they can go to the dentist again? As a parent I never thought I would hear any child ask if their appointment was coming up. To hear them inquire about their next visit to the Houston Texas dentist and be excited about it is almost unfathomable, but that is what I am asked a couple of months after each dental checkup.

I suppose that it is the caring of the staff and the way that each patient is approached that makes my children want to have their teeth examined and cleaned by the hygienist. Treating them with the same respect as an adult the kids that go to the dentist and enjoy their visit are learning to keep regular habits that are helping them to build strong healthy smiles. Feeling relaxed and entertained by the staff and environment of the office, patients young and old can put their trust in the professional Houston Texas dentist that cares as much about people as they do about keeping teeth looking and working their best. With a solid foundation of good brushing and flossing habits, my children will be able to enjoy healthy smiles throughout their lives, while I continue to be grateful that they love their Houston Texas dentist.