Visitation Help – Visitation Help For Co-parents

.tags The hardest part of going through a divorce with children happens after it is finalized. Now, there really is no going back and no second guessing any of your decisions. Children are watching your every move. They are wondering how to proceed and secretly looking to you for guidance. You need to hold your head up high, express your love for them and explain that it will be ok. Tell them that sometimes families live in different houses but that both parents will always love them. Getting visitation help is imperative for you to move on quickly and maintain a sense of normalcy.

Many parents look to the courts or their attorneys for visitation help. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy and expensive decision. In fact, you need a flexible schedule that can be quickly and easily adjusted for everyone involved and the legal system just does not move at the pace of real life. Teachers schedule conferences as the need arises, going through the court system to reschedule visitation takes too long and using attorneys to communicate this change is not cost effective. Using child custody software that will allow each parent to make schedule adjustments known to the other but in a non-confrontational way.

In addition to visitation help, software packages can include extras such as journals and expense logs. Journals can be used to pass along information to the other parent such as Little Johnny has started biting his nails again or Susie likes to leave the closet light on when she sleeps. This keeps both parents in the loop with important childrearing details without risking an unnecessary argument. The expense logs are another great feature, allowing each parent to track joint expenses or post reimbursable bills while avoiding angry phone calls, rude texts and misconstrued e-mails.

The move to use any tools necessary to communicate more effectively and to search out visitation help is a step in the right direction. Even though it seems like a hard pill to swallow, co-parenting is necessary for the happiness and well-being of your child. An added benefit is that you might actually become a cohesive unit again with your spouse, albeit on a different level. Constant attempts at being considerate and flexible with the custody schedule, all while putting your child first, will result in some much needed peace for the entire family. Who knows, you may even become friends again.