Visit Your County Recorder’s Office For a Copy of Your Marriage Certificate


Your marriage certificate is one of those documents you don’t realize you’ve lost until you need it for one reason or another. It could be that you are getting a divorce or it could be that you are trying to get remarried and the county needs proof that you aren’t still married to your first wife. Regardless of why you need a copy of your marriage licence, there is a whole new way of ordering your certificate that cuts out the middle man and speeds up the process significantly.

Online ordering of vital records is now legal in every state, and it can cut down the wait time you would experience otherwise in half. Place your order and have it delivered to the county vital records office the same day. Express shipping is available to have your document sent to you even faster. You should never be caught without the important vital records you need to live a healthy and long life, now online ordering has cut your wait time down significantly.

In fact, some states require you to have certified copies of your vital records on hand at all times. While this law is seldom enforced, you don’t want to realize that you left behind the folder with your marriage licence in it at your last apartment when you need it most. Get all of your vital records, including birth, death and divorce certificates shipped directly to your home fast when you order online.

Get the vital marriage verification certificate you need sent directly to your home fast when you order online. It doesn’t matter what county or what state you call home, online ordering of vital records is available to all American citizens, even those folks who live overseas. They call them public records for a reason and now you can use the power of the Internet to get yours sent right to your home address with no fuss and no muss.