Visit Valletta To Walk The Many Streets


Many people would not find walking the streets of Valletta intriguing enough for their holiday to Valletta, but the thing is that the streets are where you learn about the different sections of the city and see how the street evolved over the years. The streets are what make the area so unique and intriguing. To experience how the people live, you can walk the streets and see all the buildings that have restaurants, shops and cafés inside. There are so many streets to explore including Old Bakery Street, Freedom Square, St. Ursula Street, Strait Street and Old Treasury Street.

You will find that Old Treasury Street is a picture perfect sight at night. The arcade and quaint little cafés just make the street so beautiful. You can sit at any of the outdoor cafés and watch the people walk around browsing and having fun. The architecture in the area is amazing to see. The building that houses the arcade is spectacular at night. The light display is something to see. During the hot summer days, there are a few areas to sit in the shade, enjoy a cool drink, and relax for a while before continuing your walk.

Strait Street is another magnificent street to explore. The architecture of the buildings and the culture of the people are seen in this area. The street runs the length of the city and is filed with cafés and bars. It gives the appearance of the back streets of some towns and cities but is a great place to visit. At one time, it was considered the red light district and is sometimes still that way at night, but during the day, it is a different place. The street is skinny and a little rough looking, but it does give you some idea of how the people live in the area.

St Ursula Street is your typical street with hotels and incredible views of the Grand Harbour. Many people find there way down to this street and enjoy the area and al it offers. It is like looking down a narrow path, but still it is a street that is quite popular and visitors spend a great deal of time on the street. The locals are always wiling to talk and share some stories with you. The distinctive architecture tells you so much about the time when this street was first built. It does have the most incredible reputation for being the in place to see.

Freedom Square is another place to take a walk and see the area. You will find shopping and restaurants bustling with people. On Sunday, the street is deserted. It seems that people from this area stay home and do not come out on the street. It is perfect to see on a busy day and a quiet day. The difference is amazing. Old Bakery Street is old time and gives more of an authentic look. The old buildings and churches are nice to see and explore.