Visit Shushtar Waterfalls And Watermills When You Visit Iran

.tags Visit Shushtar and you will be impressed by this fortress city in the south-west of Iran. Also known as Surkutir, the buildings and constructions here can be traced back to the Achaemenian times. The irrigation system here which can be seen today, were begun on a tributary of River Gargar and later modified during the rule of the Sassanid dynasty.

Not only are the Shushtar waterfalls really beautiful, but they also form the basis of a unique water engineering technology. The system had such modern and innovative technology, that it is still used today. It is now registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Innovative Use of Resources

The waterworks system near the Shushtar waterfalls consists of many dams, bridges, aquifers, tunnels, reservoirs and mills in it, the construction of which is said to have been done by Shapur I of the Sassanid dynasty. Cultural interactions were also promoted in this region in the midst of this irrigation system.

Full of natural beauty, this area is a great draw for tourists who visit Iran, and especially for those who visit Shushtar. The waterfalls here are used even today to irrigate the Shushtar plain. You can still see the original water wheels dating back to the times between 1501 and 1722.

Useful Water

There are many watermills near the Shushtar waterfalls which you can see when you visit Shushtar. These mills function through the power generated by the river Gargar, its canals and the waterfall. There are about 32 – 40 mills here which have no problem in continuous operation due to the always gushing water in this area.

This river also supports the needs of the people living in the city of Shushtar. There are no complaints of water shortage in the city. This unique harnessing of water power here is also prior to the famed Industrial Revolution which started in Europe many years later.

An Attractive Tourist Spot

When you visit this site, you can see many tunnels carved in lime rocks leading the water through the mills. The rocks near the Shushtar waterfalls have these tunnels. The difference in the elevation of the upstream and downstream levels is the cause of the beautiful waterfalls. It is a great sight to see for the tourists who have discovered this place.