Visit Saveh Friday Mosque During Your Visit To Iran

.tags Saveh Friday Mosque is a reminder of the architecture flourishing during the Saljuq period. The construction of this monument can be traced back to the times when the city itself sprung up in the 12th century. The building is wonderfully decorated with artwork spread out over the entire monument. Brilliant tile work has been combined with artistic plaster work. During your visit to Iran, you can see different parts of the mosque like the porch, courtyard, minarets, dome and two alters. You will find many ancient inscriptions on the two alters, written in Kufic script.

Holy Inscriptions on Saveh Friday Mosque’s Walls

There are also two other alters which have their origins during the Safavid period. They too have inscriptions on them but in Thulth script. Many other inscriptions can be found in other parts of the mosque, written in both Kufic and Thulth scripts. You will also find a few nocturnal areas in the building. The ones in the western side are joined by an elevated porch, with chambers on both sides of it.

There is also a dome in Saveh Friday Mosque which measures 16 meters in height and 14 meters in diameter. Beautiful tile work can be seen on this dome. The minarets on this building stretch to 14 meters in height too. The structure has been proudly mentioned in the national records.

Beautiful Mausoleum

Saveh Friday Mosque also has a mausoleum close to it named after Imamzadeh Soltan Seyed Eshaq. There is a complex here which includes a courtyard and a porch besides the mausoleum. The work in this building can be traced back to the 13th century AH. A lot of art work has been done in this building too. You can see turquoise colored tiles here which have 8 edges. The bricks used are narrow. There are inscriptions in Thulth on this structure which increase its historical importance.

Minaret of Saveh Friday Mosque

The minaret of this mosque is the most beautifully decorated one constructed during the reign of Seljuqs in Iran. It’s outside the walls of the structure and is delicately embellished by brickworks. The decoration includes interesting angular motifs as well as inscriptions.

Attractive Tourist Spot

Attractive plaster work can be found in the mausoleum near Saveh Friday Mosque with inscriptions written in Nastaliq script. Twelve verses have been identified with floral designs being noticeable in the background. Tile work can be seen on the mausoleum with the name of the person it is dedicated to written in Thulth script. The mosque and its adjoining buildings can be seen by tourists when they visit Iran.