Visit Sagada And Experience Nature

.tags Have you ever heard of Sagada? It’s a very peaceful village located in the mountains of northern Philippines. For the past decade, people from different countries have visited it to experience the local culture and the wonderful sites of nature.

This village belongs to the mountain province which can be found in the biggest island of the country, luzon. sagada enjoys a fairly cold climate all year round, and as such has become a top tourist destination for the locals who want to escape the heat of summer. if you want to experience the coldest, go there from the months of november to january.

Sagada is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines if you want to commune with nature. You have the mountains around you, the clean and cold air to breathe, and the lush foliage to remind you of how good Mother Earth really is. There are many things that you can see and do in this fabled village, some of these are:

1. Go caving at the Lumiang and Sumaguing.

The sumaguing and lumiang caves are two o the top tourist drawers of sagada and for a very good reason. the caves are perfect for all people, whether novice or not in caving, to experience what it is like to walk through a giant cave. but you do not really walk through it like in a museum. you will have to crawl, slide, and climb to get around it.

2. Bokong and Bomod-ok Falls

The bomod-ok and bokong waterfalls are also among the favorite destinations of tourists in sagada. they also prove quite a challenge to reach, especially the bomod-ok falls because you will have to walk over the rice terraces to reach them. walking down to the falls is easy, going back up is a different challenge. along the way you will pass through a small village. when the small kids start to ask you for some loose change, do not give them any. even the tourism office advices people from giving money to these kids.

3. Experience good food.

A Sagada trip is never complete without trying the local food fare. There are many restaurants there, some owned and managed by foreigners who have called Sagada their home. Aside from the local cuisine, you can also get American, British, and French cuisine from some of the restaurants. You should also try the Sagada oranges.

4. Go camping and hiking.

You can go hiking and camping in sagada because of its proximity to mountains and great hiking trails. are you feeling adventurous? you can go on your own but for your own safety, get a guide to accompany you. their services are cheap but very valuable.

There are yet more things that you can see and feel in sagada, those mentioned here are just some of the popular reasons why tourists from around the globe frequent this place. just so you know, the busiest months are from december up to april, while the coldest are from november to february.

So the next time you are planning a major vacation, why not consider a Sagada trip which is guaranteed to be a cultural experience and adventure like no other. From hiking to mountain climbing, from mingling with the local folks to eating good food, Sagada is just the place you would want to be.