Visit One Of The Most Vibrant Cities In Europe

.tags Amsterdam is known for many things, but the main reason people visit this European city is because of its lively atmosphere. Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands in North Holland. It has a population of roughly 750,000 in the city.

About one quarter of the visitors to the city make a stop at one of the many local coffee shops, making them a top attraction in the city. One last interesting fact about this city is that bicycles are the main mode of transportation. There are over a million bicycles in Amsterdam, so you might want to consider renting one to use as you tour the city.

A Bit of History: Amsterdam can be summed up in one word – tolerant. It seems that almost everything is acceptable in this city. There is no lifestyle, idea or belief that is shunned here. This city has really grown from the 12th century when Amstel, which would later become Amsterdam, was settled.

Built up around a dam, Amsterdam had to find ways to grow despite the many waterways running in and around the city. The economy was largely based on water related activities, include fishing. Beer was also a main product for the country at this time. Eventually grain and fish became the major products of the country and helped it to grow into the city it is today.

Places to See: This city is packed with plenty to see and do. Culture is a main focus of any tour of Amsterdam. When visiting the city one of the stops you will want to make is Museumplein, the center for arts museums. Here you will see the largest Van Gogh collection and Dutch paintings and art. Also in this area is the Albert Heijn, an amazing supermarket where you can find some of the best foods in the city.

Another top attraction is the Anne Frank House. Guided tours let you see the house and get a great feel for the former inhabitants. In the area of the Anne Frank House you will also be able to stop in at some local coffee shops and visit the Anne Frank statue and the Homomonument.

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to the famous Red Light District. You will see the famous windows lit with red lights showcasing women for sale through legal prostitution. You can also find various cannabis coffee shops here. This is not all the area has to offer, though. This area also has the National monument, Jacob Hooij and some amazing restaurants.

On your trip to Amsterdam you should expect large crowds. This is one of the top tourist locations in Europe and is almost busy year round. Make sure to set up your accommodations early so you can be sure to have a hotel when you get to the city. You might want to consider booking your hotel online so you can not only guarantee you get a room, but also so you can get a good rate.

Online deals usually only apply when booking your room online. If you wait until you get to city to make your reservation you may find there are no vacancies or you could end up having to pay two or three times what you would have if you booked online. You don’t want you amazing Amsterdam holiday ruined because you didn’t plan ahead.