Visit Limassol, The Crown of Cyprus – History, Fun and Much More For Your Mediterranean Holidays


Have you thought of spending your time with history and between the artifacts and buildings built by our ancestors then come over to Limassol in Cyprus.  It still treasures many of the Greek era structures to the last brick and has rich culture and offers unlimited Mediterranean beauty for you to indulge with.  This small island, tucked in the tummy of Mediterranean, has attracted travelers from all over the world.  The legend of The British King Richard or better known as Richard the Lion heart destroyed the old area of Limassol which has been inhabited since very ancient times.

The tourist attractions do not stop at just the festivities and numerous celebrations which occupy every Limassian calendar throughout the year.  The biggest attraction is the 15 day Lemesos (old name for Limassol) Carnival.  People from all over the world flock in to the beach front of Limassol from the times of Greeks and Romans who were the first civilized inhabitants of the Island and for the city of Limassol.

The carnival from just being a tradition has grown into a huge institution.  The carnival has survived many invasions of Cyprus Island and Limassol has kept this tradition alive.  Thousands of Limassolians take to the street and its excepted and preparations are seen across the cross section of population from thousands of children all free parts of Cyprus come into this festival and make it their own.

There are many other festivals and Limassol is known in Cyprus for its festivals.  Second most famous festival is the festival of wine for more than 15days where wine is served free of charge and you get to see folk dancers from all over the world performing during the wine festival.  Other noteworthy festivals of Limassol are Yermasogeia Flower Festival in the month of May ever year, The Festival of the Flood in the month of June, Shakespearean nights and Festival of Ancient Greek Drama. The latest addition to the city of Limassol’s festival is the Beer Fest which was introduced in July 2003.  During the beer festival you not only get the local flavor of Beer but also many international brands with the background music of international music.