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{flickr|100|campaign} HC shoe net August 25 hearing, referred to station Road, Guangzhou almost known to everybody, Station Road, brought together more than eleven-house shoe trade, Shoes Wholesale Mall, is the first national development, the most concentrated, the largest footwear and wholesale distribution center, the National Progressive Export The main base of footwear products. Into Station Road Shoes

market, no matter what age you are, income status, as long as a turn in the market, you can find his shoes. If knowledgeable, to spend a few dollars can Amoy to a pair of good texture and style are good and shoes; like that famous people do not buy the world famous brand of shoes they take a high price, tanner family here are well-known brands such as OEM production businesses.

Road at the station, shoes are so exalted.
Idealism Workshop of the world want to do is not easy Shoe shopping district in West

transfer station for a whole day to see the figure are busy: In addition to owners to take care of stalls during the day, attending to customers, even taking the time to study the market; evening would rush to staring at the factory production line, and designers to discuss the program, the shoemaking any link in the chain, are to be smashed signs, everything has to be. Living in this market, and there are tens of thousands of employees, whose hard-bustling day, only to families to earn money to survive.

A friend in the Station Road shoe market hard for many years, I witnessed him alone came from Chaozhou, Guangzhou, first rented a small stall selling shoes, and later gradually expanded staff, and each listen to him relish speaking business sense, coming to an now have our own factory, also has a stable client, need not worry Order The.

Friends have asked him how not to buy a house, their wives and children then, he has no choice but to laugh every time: hard to earn some money they are dropped into the production line, and now is the era of meager profit footwear, making shoes cost and high, you look at me in such a large stalls shop, in fact, not making much money.

Business who do not want to make more money, but in the domestic footwear market to make more money, it really is not easy. Had lower cost of Chinese products, coupled with some EU countries, the dealer has intentionally keep the prices down, the profits of its high price difference the EU dealers away, and China Shoe They can only make a little meager profit, to catch up with the financial crisis, exchange rate fluctuations, or even lose money. Now raw materials, labor, utilities have increased, so less profits to the footwear industry, and many old shoe business booming business because business does not survive, had to withdraw from the reverse gear Shoe Town.

“Financial turmoil, the impact on the shoe market is very large, as do most things here, one, do OEM for foreign brands, and now no orders are orders that do not dare, are the first prepaid foreign customers 30%, 70% of business they have to paste, do the foreign investors to pay the balance before, during the financial turmoil, some foreign investors would rather take 30% of the purchase price and do not stock. that local manufacturers pay a lot more, “Secretary of Canton Footwear Association Speaking of Station Road, Long Chen Xiaomin shoe market situation, except to marvel at. Although the shoemaker by trade profits so low, but Sell Abroad often face allegations of dumping.

But “you a price increase, others do not, and the advantage is the cheap Chinese goods,” just come back Chen Xiaomin, said the European study, Do not look so prosperous enterprises in Guangzhou shoes, in fact, few of its own brand, which is Our strengths and weaknesses. Station Road West, most shoe shoe market to foreign brands are doing OEM, you can earn, that is, that little poor processing fees. View more Industry News>>>