Visit Glacier National Park

Okeover Arm
While visiting the sunshine coast we ventured to the Laughing Oyster Restaurant just outside Okeover Provincial Park for dinner. We walked down to the wharf to capture this view looking north up the arm.
By Sworldguy on 2017-07-03 21:09:08

Glacier National Park, the 10th park created by the National Park system, turned 100 years old this past May. Native Montanans know that Glacier National Park is the crown jewel of the state, because everyone that lives in the great state of Montana knows that any park just has to be beautiful if it’s in Montana – to think otherwise simply wouldn’t make any sense!

But what makes Glacier so special? For one, it’s size. It covers nearly 1.4 million acres of wilderness in the beautiful and captivating Rocky Mountains. Within this vast acreage, hikers can find over 730 miles of trails.

It was also created for a special reason – to protect the area’s exceptional scenery. When the park was created, people were finally beginning to realize that land didn’t need to be used just to farm or to mine – that it had value just as a beautiful landscape.

If you’re not up to exploring Glacier National Park on foot, don’t worry – the Going-to-the-Sun Road, an engineering marvel and a designated National Historic landmark, allows visitors to see the park as it had never been seen before. Before this wonderfully scenic road was completed in 1932, it would take visitors hours and hours in the saddle, on horseback, to see what today’s visitors can see in just a few hours.

Glacier National Park is also unique in that it shares a border, and shares a park, with Canada. The Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada and the Glacier National Park in the United States are collectively referred to as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Both parks are also biosphere reserves, and together they were named as a World Heritage Site in the mid 90s.

Glacier is lovely all-year round, but the winter is truly spectacular. Of course, you might have trouble going through some of the mountain passes on the way to the park, but if you can make a visit when snow is on the ground, you’ll see a most amazing and incredible sight – wilderness, untouched by man, with a pure blue sky overhead and herds of elk and buffalo grazing in the distance.

Visitng Glacier National Park is like taking a trip back in time. You have a chance to see nature the way God intended it, either via car, horseback or on foot. The important thing isn’t how you get around – the important thing is that you get here! is your source for everything about Great Falls, MT. Visit for more information on local businesses, real estate, attractions and more in Great Falls, Montana