Villas on Rent in Spain


Spain is one of the best places for spending your vacations. Rent villas in Spain for holidays are very popular among the visitors for their beautiful views. You have many choices among northwestern coast of Galicia, Basque Country and north eastern coast around Baecelona. Also, Andalusia Costa del Sol and Madrid offer amazing sites for your view. You can perform multiple activities with your entire family and there are some exceptional villas with unique facilities that are available on rent.

Let’s start from La Coruna Province villas. This is situated in the District of Galicia which offers four bedrooms and also there are some other living areas in which 10 people can stay together. Here, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of beaches which is hardly at a distance of five minutes drive. A golf course is near this place and many restaurants and pubs in which you can enjoy your nightlife.

You can further travel towards the Basque country where you will find some awesome villas for rent. These villas have all the amenities  and a beautiful kitchen. The most beautiful villa in this area is located at San Sebastian which is very near to the beach. Also, this villa is at a very few distance far from museum, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. If you want to enjoy the incredible view of Concha Bay then Villa Ravel should be your choice. This vilaa has three bedrooms and a studio furnished with hide-a-bed sofa.

If you roam a little more then you will find the area of Barcelona, with great villas like Castelldefels. In this area the villas are offered with four bedroom and five bathroom with rooms that can accommodate 12 people. It has two pools with the view of Mediterranean with pool table and those who are interested in playing piano, will be happy to know that piano is also offered in this villa. There is a spacious verandah and a lovely garden, so you can have a great time in your vacations. You can enjoy unlimited with your family and also one important thing that it is at very short distance from Barcelona.