Villahermosa Mexico ? Fun Quotient Well Complimented by Serenity!


Villahermosa means beautiful village in Spanish! As the name implies, the city is full of majestic buildings surrounding cobblestone streets, green natural areas, zoos, museums and ecological parks. These are the attractions for people who believe in sight seeing however, rich culture and traditions are other attraction of Villahermosa.

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Major attractions in Villahermosa are:

Parks and Lagoons

Are you an avid bird watcher? Do you find crocodiles enticing? If you are answer is yes, you should visit Laguna de Las Llusiones or the lagoon of illusions. In 1995, the lagoon was declared as a natural protected area. The lagoon is home to several crocodiles. Visit Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Boulevard to enjoy colorful show of birds. On the bank of the lagoon, you can explore magnificent sculptures and the most famous one is Mujer Ceiba. Another notable park in the area is Tomas Garrido Canabal Park which is located by the shore of Laguna de Las Llusiones. There are several activities you can indulge in while spending time in the park. Fresh air and green surroundings allow you to find a new relation with nature.


There are several famous structures in the city of Villahermosa however; most of them are old ones. Tabasco 2000 Planetarium is the major highlight among modern structures. The glass structure is made from aluminum and modern concrete. Main purpose of creating the building is to promote science, art and technology in the area. No matter in what age group you fall, you will get find things of your interest as the Planetarium has something for everyone. 75 feet wide, dome shaped Omnimax screen is another attraction in the building. Among the old structures, Templo de la Concepcion is one of the most visited and most important temples in Villahermosa. It was first built in 1799. The temple has been destroyed several times during invasions. But the current neo-gothic style was given to the temple in 1945.