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The Villa Company (established in 1988) is probably the oldest UK based overseas property agents selling properties (villas and apartments) in Mojacar and Vera in Almeria, Spain, (some on prime locations on golf courses and a few meters from the beach), properties in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, including Marbella, villas, apartments and chateau in France, properties in Greece, Italy, Germany, etc. in Europe. We also have properties in Mexico, Nicaragua, Florida, Portugal, etc. We also specialise in holiday accommodation and long term lets in Mojacar, Costa Almeria, Spain. We are a family run business, and assure our clients of the utmost integrity and honesty in all our dealings. Please feel free to go through our website or contact us with your requirements.

About MOJACAR (Pronounced Mo-Hacka) – Unknown to most people, the ancient Andalusian province of Almeria, with its 200 miles of virtually undeveloped coastline, lies in the south-each corner of Spain, less than 100 miles from the coast of North Africa.  Enjoying the warmest and sunniest climate in the whole of Europe, with mid-day temperatures in January averaging 69F and in July and August 99F at least, and with the sun shining for more than 320 days in the year. This historic “forgotten province” is slowly awakening to the possibilities of tourism, bringing in amenities and facilities for holidaymakers, whilst still remaining one of the most charming and unspoilt regions in southern Spain.

A one-hour drive from Almeria’s modern international airport, through ever-changing dramatic scenery, lies the last Arab enclave left on the Spanish mainland- Mojacar.  Conquered by the Moors, recaptured centuries later by Catholic kings, the village’s existence can be traced back to 2000 BC. A Spanish national monument, this quaint “corner of enchantment ” remains unspoilt and unexploited- a village of sparkling white houses seemingly built on top of one another, separated by a labyrinth of narrow and twisting cobbled alleyways, providing a fascinating mixture of ancient and modern.

Old women can still be seen doing their washing in the flow away of the public fountain, offering the fresh mountain spring water, which is fantastic.  These combine with the highly cosmopolitan world of shops, bars, discos, restaurants, banks, hairdressers, and a new mini shopping centre called “Parc Commercial” offering lots of boutiques, ceramic shops, even a fitness studio, vets, and Como Como the newest supermarket in Mojacar.

The Magic of Mojacar is there to be found by every visitor.  Once smitten by its charm and spell you will return not just once but many times to its coast.

This part of Spain has not been so commercialised and spoilt, as have so many other popular resorts and costas along the coast of Spain. Indeed, until Horizon recognised the potential some years ago, much of the coastline was totally undeveloped, and although the number of shops, bars, and restaurants, discos etc., is increasing, development is strictly controlled with no high rise buildings being permitted.  Possibly a third of the commercial ventures are British owned, and most of the remainder speak some English or French so making yourself understood is not a problem.

Visitors from all over Europe have fallen in love with this sunny hilltop village, rich in legend and folklore, such as “The Indalo Man” an ancient totem god said to ward off evil and ensure long life, it is also said that if someone buys you an Indalo Man you are sure to return to Mojacar and it will bring you good luck, but it must be bought for you, not by yourself.  It can be found everywhere in Mojacar and was originally discovered in a Neolithic cave in the north of the province, the wall painting depicting the Indalo estimated to be more than 5000 years old.  although its true meaning and identity have long been forgotten, amongst ideas put forward from peasant folklore, is that of a Man holding a rainbow over his head or even holding up the universe.

When dusk falls, the village takes on a difference ambience.  Refreshed and relaxed after a day on the beach or around the pool – people converge on this timeless village to partake of its effervescent nightlife, centred around the many bars and restaurants which offer a variety of international cuisine amidst an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Mojacar is an excitingly different place, retaining customs and traditions built up over many centuries, and you will be captivated by its very enchantment and fascinating history.