‘Victory for Leavers’ Theresa May’s ‘Brexit war cabinet’ now dominated by Brexiteer MPs

‘Victory for Leavers’ Theresa May’s ‘Brexit war cabinet’ now dominated by Brexiteer MPs

A LEADING Brexit activist has lauded the Prime Minister for setting Britain “on the right track” after she expanded a Brexit war cabinet of MPs to finish off the talks.

Jonathan Isaby, chief of BrexitCentral, said that Brexit may not be in the headlines lately, but the Government is working hard to get on with the job.

Mr Isaby said that there was no better way to mark the 500 “glorious days” since the Brexit referendum than the strengthening of a ‘war cabinet’ tasked with tackling the negotiations.

This comes after news that Michael Gove has been drafted into to a Theresa May’s ‘war cabinet’, tipping the scales in favour of Brexiteers.

According to the Sunday Times, the environment secretary and Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, both joined a group of six ministers who have been plotting Britain’s negotiation strategy.

Speaking on a newspaper review for Sky News this morning, Mr Isaby said that this revelation proved the UK was well on its way to leaving the EU.

He said: “There is not a huge amount of Brexit in the news lately – but it is 500 days since the glorious day, since the referendum.

“There is very serious work that the Government needs to be doing.

“Gove’s inclusion will give confidence to the Brexiteers like me that the process is on track and that we are getting it right.”

The move means cabinet Brexiteers now have a leading majority on the committee that will decide Britain’s future.

Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, who voted Remain but has since revealed he would back Brexit in a second referendum, has also joined the committee.

June Sarpong, on Sky News’ newspaper review, hit out that there was “no Remain representation in this cabinet”.

However, this prompted Mr Isaby to mockingly reply: “Well the Prime Minister for a start. And at least, she has accepted the result.”