Victoria Peak, An Attraction That Never Disappoints

{flickr|100|campaign} Hong Kongs Victoria Peak has gained renown as a delightful sightseeing and leisure venue for visitors. A scenic site offering sensational views over the surrounding countryside, the mountain is also called The Peak as well as Mount Austin. Rising to an impressive 552 metres, the summit of the peak is used as a telecommunications centre, which is not accessible to the public. However the adjoining parklands and leisure facilities never fail to enthral the visitor.

The charming Peak Tram is almost unanimously thought to be the most suitable way to obtain a satisfying glimpse of the natural wonders in the environs of Hong Kong. An attraction in itself, over the years many millions of visitors from around the world have taken this opportunity to obtain a birds eye view of the city of Hong Kong and the surrounding regions.

Not to be missed is the Peak Tram Historical Gallery, containing an array of exhibits from the 19th and 20th centuries. Containing memorabilia from around the globe, the gallery consists of 15 sections each focusing on a specific theme; the history of the Peak Tram is depicted by numerous true to life displays.

The sensational Peak Tower is indisputably one of Hong Kongs architectural marvels, hailed by international experts as a triumph of modern architecture. The avant-garde edifice has been featured in countless postcards and photographs around the world. The interior of the tower is equally resplendent, housing a vibrant selection of shops, entertainment venues and restaurants. With no less than four restaurants and other dining facilities offering delectable seafood, typical Asian cuisine and modern treats, the visitor will never be short of dining options. A multi-level shopping centre offers brand name luxuries along with other items Hong Kong is renowned for.

Visitors should take the opportunity to experience the spectacular panoramic views offered by the Sky Terrace, Hong Kongs highest viewing facility located at the Peak Tower. Irrespective of the time of day in which you visit the site, the vistas on offer will never disappoint, with the urban cityscape contrasting with areas of lush greenery.

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