Venice – One of the Top Cities in the World


If you want a city that captures the allure of Italy, both past and present, but mostly past, then Venice has to be the destination. It is a city founded on Islands and built on water, something that gives the city its uniqueness. It is one of those places that has stood the test of time and still remains to be a big tourist attraction. Its not a surprise that at one time the tourists outnumber the locals and that is just how great the city is. So how do you get there?

You can arrive to Venice by plane using one of the airports available. The two commercial ones are Marco Polo Airport and The Treviso Airport that is fairly less common. Venice is also well supplied with rail lines and you can board a train from destinations such as Paris and Budapest straight to the city. When it comes to entering the city, there are no cars allowed so you can be sure your taxi or bus ride will not take you straight to your hotel. Gondola taxis are the existent ones and you have to make do with them. The car rule makes no exemptions; they never were there and they probably never will be.

Venice is the only place in the world where pedestrians are the only people on the road. The absence of cars or any automobiles make it a pleasant experience to walk the streets, but it can get tiring to be on your feet all day so you better make sure you can adapt. Getting a church pass is the only logical thing to do since most churches require you to part with an entrance fee. That is all of them besides San Marco that is open for anyone. It is the architecture and the fine detail that was inculcated into building the structures that gets most tourists. You can get one pass for transportation, museums and churches at the tourist information but it comes at a price. If you are not sure what destinations you will be visiting, then you can always get a pass for once precise thing, like museums for instance.

The canals are an outstanding spectacle and a walk along through the Guidecca Canal has no compare. If you want to shop then Venice will give you a taste of the indigenous stuff like Carnival masks and glassware.

Meals served in Venice are not the best in the whole of Italy but they give your taste buds some joy. Near the Rialto Bridge for instance, there is a chain of restaurants. There are abundant choices of dishes to choose from and you are guaranteed to find your favorite Italian one listed in the menus. There are many great too owing to the popularity of Venice as a tourist destination. There are bed and breakfast accommodations too if that is what you are looking for.

There is a lot that Venice has to offer and one day would not suffice to experience the full spirit of the city.