Venezuela – A Spectacular Place


Venezuela, the South American country with a large lake, the third logest river, and the highest waterfall in the world, is home of some spectacular wildlife species, landscapes and great people. It is also the country producing more beauty pageant winners than any other country.


Venezuela has an interesting history. Venezuela was one of the three countries that emerged after the collapse of Colombia in 1830. Venezuela was, for the most part of the 20th Century, under the stronghold of military dictators. The dictators, it must be said, paved the way for social reforms and growth of the oil industry. Democracy was a relatively late entrant to Venezuela, making its appearance only in 1959, and continues to flourish till date. The primary industry of Venezuela and its biggest revenue earner is the petroleum industry, followed by the mining industry.


The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, a vibrant city, where the old exists with new. One can find colonial structures rubbing shoulders with modern skyscrapers. The city is surrounded by small shanty towns. Whether it is Venezuelan food, or Venezuelan culture, one can find the cultural richness running through them all. In fact one can find all these things together in Caracas, capital of Venezuela.


Venezuelan food is extremely famous around South America. Corn, being the widely cultivated crop, plays a big role in the food items of Venezuela. There are lots of dishes including fruits, as it is a tropical country rich in fruits and vegetables.


Venezuela is home to many a Native American tribe. In fact more than 30 Amerindian languages are still spoken in Venezuela, even though Spanish continues to be the official language. The country in fact derives its colorful culture from the presence of such a diverse populace. It is rated as one of the must visit destinations, by leading tourist journals, magazines and television channels. Tourists can look forward to fantastic scenery and warm peace-loving people. Adventure tourism has also hit big time in Venezuela, what with the natural richness of the country.


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