Vatican Sidi Leather: market shock wave bring trolley Tornado

11 Changsha, Hunan Province in early, although the time to late autumn, but the streets are still green and lush. Vatican Sidi Leather Co., Mo-Hua Kuo, chairman of the harvest season has come great, because they were financing the Kunrao and locking of the brow with the funding in place and finally a smooth stretch. Since entering in September, sales of equipment trolley shock news came from everywhere: earthquake preparedness trolley Hubei agents in September in the Great conditioner, Lotus 6 store sales 600,000 yuan, hit a supermarket trolley with the industry Counter top sales record; following the alliance of Wal-Mart, Carrefour and later obtained a new good, Metro’s favor, has entered into a collaboration, preparedness earthquake trolley into Carrefour, Metro chain store just around the corner; official visit to Los Angeles market, product marketing, Canada, Mexico part of the city; landing Hunan Satellite TV and the local TV shopping Happy Go live on-site … …

These messages to the “trolley carry earthquake,” the patent holder confidence.
According to Mr. Guo Mohua with the introduction of trolley earthquake preparedness has become the Vatican Sidi brand’s most competitive products, but also the focus of their development projects. This earthquake preparedness trolley car shock absorber device with the principle of double wheels with independent suspension structure, between the cabinet and the wheel of a high intensity earthquake preparedness spring and support rod connected to the box can be run in the process of ground vibration strength, impact can be decomposed and reduced buffer, drag the time and energy and feel so good, can be well protected inside the fragile and valuable items. This box is also within the human originality design laptop bags, business trip and then not have to worry about with a computer bag. Vatican Sidi

order to enhance the brand to further expand the “bring shock rod box” market influence, they will be “Fan Sidi” brand as the core, in order to enhance the corporate image of the brand culture, a comprehensive service to increase brand attractive to patent products as the core competitiveness in order to feature marketing boost to the economic growth of the brand image of the building as the core of the Vatican Sidi cause marketing. Mo-Hua Kuo

in the marketing communication, the Vatican Sidi and “bring shock trolley” in the cost, patents, integrated management, research and development, brand support, image and services have the advantage of seven aspects of the impression to the author profound.

In cost, the Vatican Sidi adhere to high quality, mid-range price, so that the quality of the classic consumer away from luxury. Them with quality than price, the Vatican Sidi offers more than 30%; compared with the price of their quality. In the patent, as a sole owner of several patents in China’s trolley cases, leather goods brand, they are the first to break the industry product homogeneity of the situation, to the unique advantages of a market-based core competencies. The integration operation, the Vatican Sidi provide bags, leather goods, clothing and other small leather goods and a series of diversified product mix, the product categories than any other single category Monopoly brand richer. Vatican Sidi also have a special R & D organization and staffing, full-time in Yufansidi new product development, to ensure a steady stream of new products to market, with significant research and development of Buddhist Sidi style and strong R & D strength. Brand support, Vatican Sidi will offer advertising media, replacement rate, brochures, POP, training, development and management guidance, and many full support. In the image, the Vatican Sidi to the unique rich, vivid colors the atmosphere, fresh and attractive image. In services, the Vatican Sidi provide site selection, store design, decoration, opening, operating, training, coaching and picking the best quality services such as whole. They insisted that “to make a successful one, radiation an” operating policy, insist on empathy, to achieve true win-win situation.

Kuo Mo-hua said that we are willing to work around the dealers, in a win-win principle, to bring the market bigger and stronger earthquake trolley. It is understood that the Vatican Sidi new customers choose to remove items of concern, but also confidence in their products, in particular the intention to allow the market a blank area of advanced goods dealers test marketing, test marketing period of three months, failed and then determine designated agent or distributor in the region; test marketing period does not require margin; no pressure task, and no minimum sales volume.

Bags in China, enterprises in the industrial chain maker for developed countries to play the role of background, “bring shock trolley” not only won the trust of foreign clients, but also to grasp the initiative in product selling prices. I understand that, “bring shock trolley” export prices much higher than my luggage industry, the current export levels.

It is reported that, in order to create a famous brand of leather bags in China, for 10 to 15 years in the leather power into the ranks of the world, China Leather Association, suggested that companies should focus on our luggage to enhance long-term original design capacity, training and information channels brand value, in order to increase the capacity to withstand risks in international trade. Vatican Sidi innovation and brand building have come in the forefront of the country, but also for Chinese companies to move towards fine luggage stage of development provides an example. As long as we product innovation, in research and development, change “in China” to “Created in China”, China will usher in a glorious bag business day.

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