Various Destinations On Student Cruise To New England

.tags One cruise that is growing in popularity is the summer cruise to New England. Less expensive for those on the Atlantic Coast, the North American cities are a unique blend of history, adventure and festivities. For those eager to spend several days in the sun without hitting the same-old-same-old Caribbean Islands or Mexican cities, New England cruises are a fresh collection of destinations. Ideal for a college cruise during summer break, students can take in the quaint atmosphere and breathtaking scenery among ports of call. New England cruises can last 7 to 14 nights with the same beginning and ending port. Travelers should be sure to bring their video cameras to capture the frolicking sea creatures and simple lifestyles along the northern Atlantic Coast. Those cruising in late summer may have a chance to see the leaves beginning to change on the trees as they contemplate the arrival of autumn.

Rhode Island, New York, Maine and Massachusetts are just a few of the ports the Northern cruises have to offer. Until someone has seen the rustic fishing villages, Colonial architecture and quaint towns of New England, they cannot appreciate the classic boats, historic buoys often seen in painted scenes. One of the oldest and most well-known ports in the country, Boston has a welcoming skyline and a bustling city full of historical sights and sounds. New York is another busy port with shopping, dining and activities unlike any other US city.

The Canadian provinces have a cultural display of their own to share with student cruise travelers. With a trip down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City, the abundance of French heritage can be readily seen and heard. A sharp contrast to the French-Canadian city, Halifax, Nova Scotia is a quiet coastal haven with enough shopping, dining and things to see and do to keep visitors busy in port during the relaxing stop.

Those seeking more adventure can take a cruise through New England and Canada before crossing the Atlantic to old England and Europe. This gives new meaning to the term cruise vacation. Taking 17 or 20 nights to enjoy the festive mysteries of open ocean travel leaves a lot of time to enjoy the activities available on the ship. Whether partaking in games, swimming, dining, dancing or socializing, guests will have a chance to see the whole ship and enjoy all of its offerings. Those seeking some extra relaxation after a difficult school semester or as a last chance to travel before graduating from school will have a chance to enjoy the unique indoor and outdoor entertainment found on a Trans-Atlantic cruise.