Value Added BPO Service


The rise in the amount of revenue that the BPO sector generated in the recent past has attached more value to the sector than it previously had. It was during the recession that the other industries were looking down the barrel while call centers expanded their base globally. Several call center companies were buying out the weaker ones in first world countries like USA and Canada. These units were marked sick because of their lack of telemarketing projects. Their expensive call center services led to their downfall. The third world countries capitulated on the opportunity they got. They bolstered their work and made significant strides towards value-added services. All of a sudden they were strict with quality and were particular about telemarketing services. Let’s find out the various ways in which they added value.


Step 1: The seriousness associated with telemarketing services has increased manifold because of the contribution it was making to the domestic economy. The government was taking an active interest in the development of the BPO sector in countries like the Philippines. This took care of the manpower problems. The best minds of the employee pool were willing to work in the call center sector. Managers, business development officers, software engineers, writers, designers: there was room for everyone at the call centers. The diversification of call center services made it possible for different walks of life to blend with the business process outsourcing industry. Because of this amazing improvement in the intelligent brains that were running the show. The quality of work had to improve without a second thought.


Step 2: BPO units are more plenty into planning and strategies. Veterans in the call center sectors have to admit that things were a little haphazard when the business process outsourcing industry started off. However, with the passage of time, a method in the madness started to emerge. Companies were keener on planning their moves rather than grope their way through. Planning at the conceptual level saves telemarketing resources. Agents are more focused about their work and each one knows the responsibility entrusted to them. If everything is planned to the T, you can also make out ground for innovation in telemarketing services. Your idea is always to beat the competition and offer something different and unique to the clients. Once your call center services have that extra edge, you will have clients queuing up to ink deals with you.


Step 3: Technology does what you cannot achieve through manpower skills. When you are targeting large sections of consumers, manual lead generation or telemarketing will not take you far. You have to depend on Web 2.0 tools or other technological matters like web-enabled telemarketing services to ensure that you are making the right connect. Facebook and Twitter, two modern ways of generating leads and even offer customer service support, have to be integrated in your call center services in a seamless way. It’s only when you start connecting with the customers in a way that makes them feel special and wanted that you actually add value to your BPO service.