Vacuum Cleaners Highlands Ranch Colorado

.tags Since 1983 my wife and I been interacting with our clients in littleton Colorado and now in Highlands Ranch Colorado. My wife and I know quiet a few of our clients by their first name, some of our clients we even know their children name.

If you’re tired of buying vacuum cleaners Highlands Ranch Colorado, based on price and not value, please come see us at our store. EZ Vacuum will help you select the vacuum that will suit your budget and needs. For twenty eight years i’ve had experience in repairing and selling vacuum cleaners Highlands Ranch Colorado as well as using them. You can say that i worked on them all.

Over the course of my proffession, i learned to advise my clients on which vacuum to steer away from. In 1983 we brought in the Riccar vacuum cleaners and some of our clients still own some of the original Riccar vacuum cleaners they bought from us. Five yrs later we brought in the Miele vacuum cleaner, Lindhause vacuum cleaner, Sebo vacuum cleaners and now the renowened Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Riccar Vacuums – Riccar Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Riccar America was founded in 1954 the year i was born. Since than they have been selling quality vacuum cleaners through an independent dealers. They sell commercial and residential products. Although the Riccar vacuums is built to last, they also offer an exceptional filteration and cleaning ability, plus features that makes them user friendly.

Miele Vacuums – Miele Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Miele company was founded in 1899 based out of Germany. In 1927 they started manufacturing vacuum cleaners Highlands Ranch Colorado. The company motto ” Immer Besser ” which means forever better.

Their Vacuum Cleaners has been rated by leading consumer magazines. The most recent endorsment in the year 2010 for their Miele Twist vacuum cleaner and the Miele Bolero vacuum cleaner Highlands Ranch Colorado.

Sebo Vacuums – Sebo vacuum cleaner Reviews

Sebo company was established in 1978. Founded by engineers, simply to design a proffessional vacuum cleaner. Proffessional users, appreciate when a vacuum cleaner that last. In my 28 years of experience, the Sebo vacuum cleaners Highlands Ranch Colorado is the most durable vacuum i have encountered. They are easy to operate and very effective in removing embeded dirt out of your carpet. Since the Sebo vacuum cleaners are built to last, you can use them for your business or your home.