Using your Email Marketing Campaigns to Share Some Holiday Cheer


Holidays are always the perfect time to send those nearest and dearest to us, our best wishes. Our friends and family support us all through the year, and taking the time to thank them, is recognizing their importance in our lives. This can also become a great vehicle of opportunity to let your clients and prospects know how much you appreciate their support throughout the year as well.

Running effective holiday campaigns take thought, planning, and preparation. If you want to run a successful and effective holiday email campaign, start the planning stages now. Never rush to send out a holiday message in a last minute ditch to make a quick sale. Good campaigning consists of many different messages and themes, going out in stages, as you communicate good wishes and holiday stories to both your clients, prospects and potential leads.

The Internet shopper has now evolved into a well-informed, savvy, cost-conscious consumer. With the entrance of the online e-commerce stores, comparative bargain shoppers know that within seconds they can find the best buys, with the assurance and backing of real live consumer votes.

Email marketers know that standing out in the inbox is not easy, but during the holiday season, it becomes a really hard call. A holiday header or some strategically placed animated holiday gifts, may just do the trick. Having the right subject line can mean the difference between being opened or trashed. With thousands of holiday email campaigns being sent from stores and companies worldwide, developing just the right subject lines during the holiday season, can help you stand out and above your competition.

Targeted the Right Shoppers with the Right Offers

By using your subscriber demographics, preferences, and profiles, you can segment and target your holiday email campaigns, sharing something valuable for everyone. All subscribers are not the same. You will need to divide and segment your audience by their buying habits. Where they have not made a purchase, send them a special discounted offer. If they have bought before, here is a chance for a possible up-sell or a onetime killer special. Take advantage of their personal shopping history. Acknowledging their differences in price range, age, marital status, and preferences, can guide your campaigns to profitable returns.

Localization: Be Savvy and Smart: Know where your clients and prospects live. Sending them gift certificates and coupons from stores close to home, gives them the greatest opportunity to take advantage of your holiday campaigns. Your click thorough rates and sales just might skyrocket, when your recipients can utilize and enjoy your holiday gifts and discounts.

Using Effective Landing Pages to Close the Sale

Every call to action must have a carefully designed landing page to close the final sale. Making sure your landing page complements your product or service will help close the sale quickly and easily. Your offer needs to be clearly stated and easy to find. Don’t make them search to save. Landing pages need to create a direct link between your holiday email campaign and the call to action that they need to click. Remember to include alternative purchasing options.

Charitable Donations – Perfect Theme for the Holidays

You can dedicate part of your proceeds to a charity of your recipients’ choice. Have a sale, dedicating a percentage to a worthy charity. Doing good things for those in need will strengthen your company brand, surrounding your name with trust and goodwill.

Use the Holidays to Reinforce and Reaffirm – Good Company Values

• Real bargains

• Good customer service

• Useful items of real value

• Local products within the convenience of home

• Special offers and savings

• Environmentally friendly products

• Customer testimonials on the products and services you offer

By adhering to the most basic consumer needs, you can build customer loyalty and repeat purchases. A business cannot grow on emotional purchases and last minute deals. When growing your ROI, you also need to nurture a trusted brand, backed by good old-fashioned customer service.