Using Video in Your Email


Have you ever thought to use videos in your email messages? If not, you should! Besides providing some great diversity for your subscribers to enjoy, videos help keep your marketing personal. However, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to even talk about, so we are going to review a few ways you can get started with video email marketing right away.

Free Tips

You provide great advice in text, why not do the same in a video format? It’s true that customers quickly get tired of constant promotional messages and frequent sales pitches by companies. Set yourself apart by including videos just on tips, and not even mentioning your product! Often, you’ll find that by doing this, customers will actually buy more of your products or services. People appreciate a real person behind the marketing messages, after all.

Demonstrating Products

In some ways, infomercials have it right, they use video very effectively to demonstrate their products in a way that makes viewers want to buy. Take their cue and create a video demonstration of how customers use your product. You can even combine this with a few customer testimonials for a real one-two-punch! Ultimately, you want your customers to see how effective or easy your product is, so make sure to highlight this fact in the video.

Customer Testimonials

Obviously, a real person is much more convincing than a banner ad, and you should use this to your advantage! Video testimonials are an excellent way to help push your subscribers to convert and should be used in one of your early messages to new subscribers. Have you had anyone email you to thank you for a product? Give them a call and ask them to film themselves in a testimonial for you. Heck, you could even provide them with a free webcam that they can keep, just give some ideas on what the length should be and let them take it from there.

Say Thank You

Have you told your customers how much you care lately? A good returning customer costs far less than acquiring new customers, and you should thank them for sticking around. It’s more effective if someone high up in the company is in the video talking about how much they appreciate their customer’s business. Tell your customers how their continued support has helped keep you in business and supported your employee’s families, then considering finishing the video with a “video only” discount to seal the deal. A little thanks goes a long way, even in a video email.

Creating a video email is very simple and not time consuming. In fact, I recommend keeping the length of the video to less than 3 minutes for maximum impact. After all, your subscribers have lives too! If you’re not sure you can try all of the tips above, just pick one and give it a shot. What you’ll find is that your subscribers will really appreciate the added value and effort, and they will repay you with increased visibility, word of mouth and sales.