Using Shopify as a Blogging Platform Instead of WordPress, is that Stupid?

Using Shopify as a Blogging Platform Instead of WordPress, is that Stupid?

Hey guys, looking for some feedback from you guys today so please drop a comment in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts.

Now when it comes to blogging or creating a site WordPress is typically everyone’s go to option and I get why, WordPress is an incredibly robust platform that allows for tons of customization and has plugins for nearly anything you want to do or any look you want to accomplish.

When people online ask about which platform to start their blog or site on 99% of the time people recommend WordPress. I’m thinking about doing something kind of outside the box and using Shopify as a blogging platform for a personal site with little to no focus on the eCommerce features.

Now I know what your thinking, Shopify is an eCommerce site, not a blogging platform right? Yes I agree, and I’ll even concede that the blogging interface and tools is pretty basic. That said I personally won’t be using a WordPress page builder or advanced features anyway so all I need is a basic blog.

Here’s what I like about Shopify. First and foremost I use it regularly for eCommerce, I like the interface, I know how to use it, I’m comfortable with it.

Shopify allows a non graphic designer and non web designer to build an incredibly polished adn profession looking site easily and within minutes. Shopify has an app store with all types of app for e-mail collection and almost anything else I would need as well, and the servers are good and pages load quickly.

The primary focus of the site would be blogging and it would be content heavy. At least initially I don’t even plan on selling anything. Maybe down the road I may sell some Merch, may sell a course. I had kind of a fun idea to do down the road possibly where I could sell some of your guys products for you and/or when I do an episode of Side Hustle Tuesdays which I’m looking to get back into, I was thinking I could sell products featured in the stories.

Ultimately here’s my question though. While I realize that Shopify isn’t built primarily for blogging, I’m not a huge WordPress fan so was thinking about doing something outside the box and using SHopify as my blog and personal site. What if any negatives or downsides do you see with doing this? Please drop a comment and let me know your thoughts…