Using Legal Marketing Methods to Draw Attention


Copyright (c) 2010 Benjamin Glass

Standing out among the crowd is easy when you’re the one up on a box waving your arms around. That is, unless that’s what the rest of the lawyers around you are doing. One of the biggest issues in legal marketing is the group mentality of lawyers. They see their peers all jumping on the latest media bandwagon and think they should too.

The problem is, when everyone uses the same legal marketing methods and put out the same types of lawyer advertising, the message is just going to get lost in the sea of lawyers. You as a successful entrepreneurial lawyer need to look at this broken form of legal marketing and reject it. You need to get creative when you draw the attention of your potential clients.

Think Of Something No One Else Does

One of the great things about creative lawyer advertising is that you have plenty of bases to work from. Look outside your profession to other service industries and see what they’re doing to get new clients. I’ve seen great examples of companies that offer incentives like free items with other services to draw in business.

While you’re not in the physical goods or services industry, you can still take a lesson from this with your legal marketing. Clients love getting something extra for buying something they need. I saw a car dealership offering a free Apple iPad with a new sale or lease, which was an awesome hook at the time since the device had just been released. A car dealership has nothing to do with tablet PCs, but they sure got attention for it.

Know What Incentives Attract Your Clients

The car dealership I mentioned must have known that their potential clients love the latest new techno-gadget that comes on the market. You can learn from this method with your own clients. Take some time to find out what makes them happy and what draws their attention. Then apply it to your legal marketing.

I’ve recently seen a lawyer who practices family law, and has a niche with pet custody cases. The practice area itself is a great niche and gives her an amazing opportunity with her legal marketing methods and lawyer advertising themes. Obviously, her clients for this practice area are going to be pet lovers, so she’s got a great opportunity to stand out by advertising in places like groomers and veterinarian offices.

Talk To Them Where They Least Expect It

Anyone who’s done research and comparison shopping, whether online or in person, knows how tiresome it can become. After the 20th lawyer website, you may be ready to pull your hair out because they all look alike. Of course, if your client comes across your website, that wouldn’t happen because you should have a great, information-packed website to sell them on your services.

Back to comparison shopping, when a consumer isn’t finding what they want, or they’re overwhelmed by their choices, they take a break. Sometimes, things just all blend together and you need to step back and get some perspective. It’s at this time that you can really grab a client’s attention because when your lawyer advertising appears to them when they’re NOT actively looking for an attorney, it’s more memorable.