Using An Email To Fax As Part Of Your Company’s Marketing

.tags Every business needs a way to market them. After all, you cannot grasp the attention of a consumer to purchase your service or product if they dont know it exists. If you have a fax machine yourself, you have probably noticed the abundance of junk mail faxes that tend to come through your system. Sales advertisements, flyers, brochures, etc are all forms of fax marketing. Using your fax machine to market your company has received a bad rap over the years. This is primarily due to the fact that companies will take advantage of their fax machine marketing and flood companies with brochures. You can use your email to fax program to effectively market to the right crowd without following the stereotype.

Marketing Materials
By using your email to fax program, you no longer have to wonder if your fax made it to your recipient. You can attach your document to your email to fax program and send it on its way just like a typical email, but instead it will be received on a fax machine. Complex marketing campaigns, brochures, and even flyers will be received just as if you faxed from a traditional machine. This will limit the times you re-send a fax that has actually be received.

Store Fax Numbers
With your email to fax program you can easily store contact in your profile so that you can fax regular monthly marketing campaigns to them each month without having to recall their number. You can keep a list of businesses and consumers that may be interested in your services and a list that you know are not.

Fax Marketing Laws
Always be aware of the fax marketing laws. The Junk Fax Protection Act states that you cannot send unsolicited junk faxes to consumers. Meaning you cannot just fax to every fax number available and hope you get a new client. You can, however, use your email to fax program to send marketing campaigns to companies you have a business relationship or possible relationship with.