Using AdSense to Achieve Financial Freedom


It is not surprising if you think that making money using AdSense is just one of the many get rich quick scams floating around the Internet. There are surely a large number of people who have tried using AdSense to make money and have failed. But, the fact of the matter is that the fault lies with them, not the AdSense system. Like any other industry, it has tips and tricks to success and if you choose to ignore this advice from the gurus, your AdSense venture is also likely to fail. Read on to find out what mistakes to avoid when using AdSense.

Focus is on the Ads

This is perhaps the biggest mistake web masters make when they are trying to use AdSense to make money. When some people create websites, they are simply looking at creating a platform for serving ads. They do not focus on the content or the design of the website. They forget that the website needs to serve a specific purpose which will attract web users to visit it. Such websites are easily identifiable by Google and are eventually blacklisted from using AdSense. If you do not want your AdSense venture to meet such a fate, ensure that you have a fully functional website with original keyword rich content.

Inefficient Use of Web Logs

Web logs can be used to great success when using AdSense to make money. Logs can provide a lot of useful information about the behavior of visitors on your website. Which pages do they mostly enter or exit the website from? Which are the most viewed pages? Are there any specific exit points to your website? Having access to this information and using it wisely will not only help you improve your website, it will also give you useful insight into the optimum positions for placing your ads.

Unwise Ad Placement Choices

Most people do not do any research into which are the best positions on their website for ad placement. They usually tend to insert ads at the very bottom of the page where lesser attention is paid to the ads. Ideally, one should try out different positions to identify the ones that make the most money. One huge mistake people make is that they try to hide their AdSense ads. In fact, it is useful to draw attention to your ads to ensure that they get noticed by visitors to your website.

Uninformed Ad Format Choices

People tend to spend even less time choosing the ad formats that fit their website perfectly, instead choosing those formats that are most commonly used. It is important to remember that when an ad format has been overused, web users learn to completely ignore it. It is important that you too avoid overused formats like the banner and the skyscraper ads. On the other hand, different ad formats can be creatively blended into the content of the website to look like normal web links and these ads usually fetch higher CTRs.