Use Your Earth to Improve Your Networking


“Mother Earth” provides us with all the support and nourishment we need, as long as we look after her. When all else fails, when we have nowhere else to sleep or live, we walk on the Earth or lay our bodies down on the Earth. When all else fails Earth will support us.”

What a metaphor for networking.

The Earth supports us, it transforms what we plant into what into what we sow. We have had the idea, the spark and now we want to see that idea grow into a business that nourishes us, our families and the people we attract to us. We have proposed that “controlled Fire”attracts people to it, but the ground on which the Fire is built needs to be fertile. We want as many people as possible to visit our company, to do that means we wouldn’t build it in a swamp or on rocky ground.

For any business to succeed, it must have a message that attracts people to it. A message that can be assimilated by large numbers of business colleagues and clients. The seed, the message must be planted in the right soil for it to grow naturally. Presumably, we wouldn’t plant rice in a dry climate, and we wouldn’t plant corn in a paddy field. How many lives have been lost on all Continents by trying to plant the wrong seed?

How many businesses have failed by putting the wrong message in the wrong media, or even the right message in the wrong media?

The right message, planted in the right media, and fed to the right people will have a successful beginning. It will attract the maximum number of inquiries, and will grow through re-planting and re-sowing the essential points of our business.

In Networking groups, many small businesses have flourished, because a majority of the members have seen a need for them. Good accountants, IFA’s, IT Specialists, Web-Site Designers, Printers and Lawyers. However, the specific group may not be the right one for everybody. We have all seen members join groups and fail to grow, because they were unable to attract enough clients, unable to enthuse the group with their Fire, or unable to convince people that their business ethic was to be trusted.

The Earth shares what you plant with others. Plant a compassionate, nourishing message and it will be taken up and shared. Plant a cynical, jealous message and it will lead to famine. Networking groups are not the place for such tactics.
The members who listen to you need to feel that, in an uncertain World, in an uncertain business climate, your message and it’s delivery can transform them, nourish them, leave them with their “Heads in the air, but their Feet on the ground”. The idea needs to be “rooted”in the ground in order to grow. Many “Get Rich Quick Schemes” deliver a message to huge numbers of people, they grow rapidly and the sponsors do get rich, but at some stage there are no roots and the scheme gets blown away.

It is true, particularly now, that well grounded companies are failing, but it is also true that most of the so called “Names” that have caused the downturn had major weaknesses. It is also true that the message coming out from many groups, is that networking now will sow the seeds for the when the economic situation changes.

The thing about the Earth, is that change takes many years, but change is always taking place. A reluctance for business to change, to replenish and re-sow our message is the catalyst for failure.

Personally, I know that my business has had huge support, through family, friends and business colleagues. Often I have had to change my method of putting my message across, my method of planting the seed. I have had to change the type of people, the type of soil I have planted that seed in to encourage the seed to grow. Through the changes in media and approach, the business message has been well grounded, and the growth of group and personal wellbeing has been spread throughout the Midlands.

The Earth element of our 5 Element Theory is networking: Joining the right group for your business and making sure you can deliver on the promises you give.

We will show in our next article how Metal, the third element ties our idea: Fire and our networking: Earth with boundaries and authority.

“The Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us:That which we put into the ground, she returns to us.”
Big Thunder. (late 19th century) Wabanaki: Algonquin.