Here’s an Unlimited Supply of Blog Post Ideas for beginners. If you are ever stuck when trying to come up with content or blog ideas this video will cure all your frustration.

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If you have started a blog you know how important content is and to come up with constant new blog post ideas can be very challenging.

So these 8 sources can solve all your problems.

1. Google suggests and people also ask

This is a very untapped source for blog post idea generation. Google is the biggest search engine in the world and if they are telling you what people are searching for then it would be a good idea to create blog posts and content around what people actually want.

2. Google top search results.

It’s getting harder and harder to be in the top results for Google so for most search terms you know that the top 10 results are usually the best content on the subject. So use those results as a source of ideas.

3. Alltop.com

This is powerful content aggregation tool that can spew out a lot of blog ideas for you.

4. Buzzsumo

This is one of my favourites because they also show you how popular a given piece of content already is to give you an indication of how viral your blog post could become

5. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

More of a title generator but I know it will get the creative juices flowing

6. Google Trends

Make sure you are creating content that is currently on an upward trend and Google Trends is the best source to help you know what is on trend to write about in your blog.

7. Content Row Link-bait Title Generator

More of a title generator that is powerful for link bait. I love this tool just use it with caution and make sure your content fits in with the title some how

8. Portents content idea generator

Struggling for blog title idea’s then throw your topic keyword in this tool and see what it spits out for you.

Want more Ideas to come up with content check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qZPKgUZp0E

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