Universal Studios – Entertaining People From All Across the World


The world renowned Universal Studios is one of the six leading American movie studios. The Universal Production studios are situated in California’s 100 Universal City Plaza Drive in Universal City. New York City is home to its corporate and other offices. A subsidiary of NBC Universal, Universal Studios is the second oldest Hollywood Studio. Universal is the brainchild of the German Jewish Carl Laemmle who settled in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Initially managing a clothing store, Carl Laemmle was impressed by the recognition gained by the ‘nickelodeons’ or the small neighbourhood movie theatres which were all the rage during the 1920’s. A few years later he purchased a couple of those nickelodeons.

In June 1909, Carl Laemmle together with his partners Abe and Julius Stern set off their very own Yankee Film Company. Just a few years down the line and Yankee Film Company progressed in to the Independent Moving Pictures Company or IMP. Laemmle merged IMP, on June 8, 1912 with eight other small scale firms to shape out the Universal Film Manufacturing Company. Laemmle played a leading role in the partnership that included several prominent people such as Mark Dintenfass, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers and Charles Baumann. Ultimately Laemmle purchased the entire company that was in 1925 incorporated as Universal Pictures Company, Inc.

During the 1950’s with the uprising of the television, all studio / theatre chains including Universal faced some severe issues. Having been completely shut down for a while Universal had no choice but agreed to be sold to The Music Corporation of America or MCA which had also by then become a leading television producer. Since its inception, Universal Studios has made it through some daunting times. Yet it remains strong and continues to produce and distribute films that entertain people from all across the world. Those who wish to explore this world famous studio and enjoy a tour around it can do so by staying at a nearby Beverly Hills Hotel. One of the ideal and recommended places to stay is Raffles L’Ermitage, Beverly Hills which is a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills providing utmost comfort and relaxation.