The region of Murcia

Murcia is characterised by a Sierra that looks very savage due to its abruptness, by the fresh valleys, the snowy peaks, the unique colour of the Mediterranean Sea, the olive orchards, and by the castles which remind us of Moorish and Renaissance mansions. It is a place full of contrasts, but these contrasts make it one of the most beautiful regions in Spain. There is also something very unique about Murcia: it hosts Cartagena, the port situated at just 55 kilometres away from the city of Murcia. Cartagena used to be and still is one of the most important harbours on the territory of Spain. In antiquity it was one of the most important harbours in Europe because of its strategic placement. Nowadays, the city of Cartagena plays a central role for the Spanish navy: a big part of the fleet belonging to the Spanish navy can be found in Cartagena.

Changes for Cartagena

The past few years have brought along a series of changes for the city of Cartagena. The government decided to exploit the touristic potential of the city, so big sums have been invested in order to transform Cartagena into a holiday destination. The main attractions of the city are typical for the region: old Renaissance mansions, museums and Moorish castles, they are always ready to stun you with their beauty. The name of the city comes from those who first discovered it” the Carthaginians. The Romans came after them and tourists can now see what they’ve left behind in the two main museums of the city: the Naval Museum of Maritime Archaeology and the National Museum of Maritime Archaeology. You can admire here Punic artefacts, collected from the bottom of the sea and different types of boat models. If you are interested in old buildings, the Santa Maria de Gracia is perfect for you. It dates back to the 18th century and you can admire here sculptures belonging to the famous Salzillo.

A few tips

If you are interested in visiting all the important historical sites in Cartagena, the Cartagena Card will save you a lot of money and time spent buying tickets. If you love water sports, the Calblanque Regional Park offers you the possibility to practice activities such as sailing, windsurfing, or even scuba diving. For a perfect relaxing holiday, avoid the roads, as they are very crowded. Choose instead to fly to Cartagena; the Murcia airport is just about 20 kilometres away. Enjoy your stay!