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By Brisan on 2009-05-11 00:42:57
tags A visit to Mexico City is a unique tourist experience that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. The city itself is among the biggest on the planet, and it has plenty to offer to travelers and locals alike.

The history of the place is easy to explore due to the great landmarks that are scattered throughout the city. The central square in Mexico City is only the second largest city square in the world – the first being the Red Square in Moscow – and also where you can attend some really great festivals.

There are also plenty of other things you can enjoy seeing while in Mexico City, such as the National Cathedral, or the Anthropology Museum. You may not know it, but the city is also home to some impressive pyramids and there is no better way to spend a relaxing afternoon, than taking a boat ride along the Hanging Gardens canals.

Travelers visiting Mexico City should also try one of the local specialties such as tacos and tortillas. These are just the general names for the city’s most popular dishes, but there are so many varieties sold by street vendors that you may spend your entire vacation just trying one or another. Mexico City is very cosmopolitan which means that different cuisines can be tried in the many fancy restaurants scattered across the city.

While Mexico City on its own does not have a beach there is nothing easier than traveling outside the city and heading to Acapulco. Here you can enjoy some of the most exciting and popular water sports, such as deep sea diving or jet skiing. Horseback riding is another activity you can indulge in while at the beach along with paragliding. You can also a day of fun at a water park and swim with the dolphins which is a great activity if you are traveling with children. A great entertainment option is a ride on the hot air balloon or if you want to experience an adrenaline rush you can indulge in bungee jumping.

Mexico City never seems to fall asleep, a trait that it has in common with other grand cities across the globe. There are also plenty of nightly entertainment options readily available to suit all tastes. Besides the numerous nightclubs, one can also enjoy a night at the opera, or an evening at the circus. Restaurants and open air bars are also common so having a night out can take many forms.

The city has a bustling cultural life as well. There are numerous museums scattered everywhere and classical music has no better home than Mexico City. This does not mean that the city is not open to other genres because if you want to enjoy a great show, the Auditorium is the place to be as this is the place where great pop rock concerts are held.

No matter your pleasure Mexico City can truly deliver. As one of the most important cities in the world, it lives up to its reputation and beyond.

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