Unexplored El Hierro Island of Spain


Tourism has been and still is booming in Spain.  It is the second largest tourist destination in the world and has a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. The weather conditions of this region, different from other regions, are key to drawing a large number of visitors.

Besides the many famous cities, Spain has islands that attract a majority of the visitors to the country. The country is in a great location with the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The bodies of water provide beaches that are too beautiful to be ignored.

El Hierro Island

The beautiful but unknown island of El Hierro is ideal for scuba diving and swimming because of its crystalline waters and naturally occurring swimming pools. Its inland area has large protected areas of woodland. People wishing to surround themselves with nature should consider visiting this small island for the time of their lives.

El Hierro’s coastal area has steep rocks as well as big beaches. It also contains lush woods and amazing volcanic craters. You can have a great view of the bodies of water and surrounding areas from Malpaso which is the island’s highest peak.


Valverde is El Hierro’s capital, located in the mountainous area of the island, unlike most of the capitals of the Canary Islands which are typically located on the coast. This town has numerous beautiful gardens as well as whitewashed houses scattered along the narrow steep streets. Walks through the town can be quite relaxing.

The 18th century church of Santa Maria de La Concepcion is located in this town. The church has artistic sculptures of famed artists giving it a magnificent appearance. Traditional architecture can be clearly seen in the construction of the city hall of Valverde.

Apart from great views, El Hierro has natural basins and charming thick woods making its landscape nothing less than breathtaking. The nearby Mountain Montana de Tanajara will give you great views of the volcanic landscapes of the island’s southern side. Beautifully romantic sunsets have made the small island popular among locals.

Spain still has great spots which have the potential of becoming popular tourist destinations that have yet to be discovered. In the next few years, this country will uncover uncountable beautiful natural areas perfect for exploration. This will keep the streams of visitors flowing and the economy growing.