Unexpected Accidents happen to news reporters


It is certain that there are many surprising stories happening to news reporters at scene and even in news room. For example, they have to face the attack of seagull, the fighting or weir gestures. However, they can always keep calm in front of such unexpected troubles and try to concentrate on their work. From that, we can find that live broadcasting is not completely easy.


Peter Hitchener had just started reading the news when a giant seagull walks behind him during a bulletin in Australia


A stranger came out and shouted WIRETAP IN MY EAR in authoritative TV NEWS. This accident happened 20 years ago from Korea.





An Australian banker was caught looking at racy pictures in a news about bank on TV 2:51pm UK, Wednesday February 03, 2010 Neal Walker, Sky News Online



Whilst reporting on the floods in Oxford this guy, whilst holding his beer in his other hand, gives this news presenter a cheeky pinch.



  This is morning breaking news of CNN. There are two guys pretending to love during Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy report


Italian news reporter was really surprised at the fight of his colleagues behind him in the news room.



This is a video of the Look East news shown on the BBC in Norfolk. The presenter is concentrating on talking while there is a man getting punched in the background of the news



A guy suddenly appears behind the news reporter with weir gestures. The reporter never even knew what was going on behind her.




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