Unbelievable : Bill Gates’ predictions for future of environment and public health

Unbelievable : Bill Gates’ predictions for future of environment and public health

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Bill Gates proves we should listen to him after accurately predicting the future.

Hardly anyone in the world who is unaware of the name Bill Gates, because his name comes in the list of the richest people in the world. But today people know him as well because they have started making accurate predictions. He predicted in public health, computing and environmental matters, due to which he became more fanciful. If you remember, some time ago, he had predicted about smartphones and social media and proved right.

Apart from this, they have also made predictions, which we will tell you through this video today.

1) The first prediction is countless unemployment countless job
Gates says that in the next 20 years, the number of workers in Company and factories in the whole world will be reduced and there will be automatic ribbons in place. Because of this, the employment of millions of workers will be stripped. And if you get employment, you will get very less money.

2) Second prediction that Africa will become self-dependent.
The second prophecy he had done in the annual letter of 2015 was that by 2030, Africa would increase production by 50% in its agricultural business. And will become a self-sufficient country in the whole continent. In today’s time, about 50 billion dollars of food is imported every year in the whole continent, it is a bad thing for that country, because in Africa 70% of the farmers are farmers, despite this, it has to be imported too.

So today the world has developed better fertilizer and crops than ever before, producing more crops in less land, nutritious and disease resistant. So when it starts in Africa, African farmers can double or triple their production with existing technologies.

3) In the third prophecy, by the year 2030, the world will discover a better energy.
By the year 2030, the world will research clean power. In 2016, Gates predicted that wind power, solar energy or some other renewable resources for the world’s power generation would be the main source of power for the world in the next 15 years. Today there is a huge problem of power in most poorer countries, but more electricity will be more than electricity, and electricity will also get out of the hospital. And the biggest thing is that these affordable and clean energy sources can change the climate, i.e., global warming will also be reduced.

4) Post-prediction, in which mobile banking will help poor people.
Mobile banking will help the poor to change their way of living. In African countries where cash is difficult to pay, it is often difficult for people to pay for their health, food, education or repair. But Gates says that it all happens with poor banking system.

In countries like Kenya and Uganda, M-Money provides bank digital account service. Through this, those people can save their money. Gates had said that today there are 2 billion people who do not have a bank account, they will be able to pay their phones by the year 2030.

5) Fifth prophecy, on bio terrorism
bio terrorism, which can erase 33 million people in less than a year. In 2017, at a conference in Munich, Bill Gates said that Germany is the biggest responsible for Global Health. Because they have done an air-bone pathogen via bio terrorism. It can be a synthetic slim pox virus or a super flu that is more fatal than normal breeds. “It is said that in the next 10-15 years there is every possibility of experiencing such an outbreak in the world”, but Gates says that in just one year, a correct bug can erase 33 million people.

6) Then the polio will be destroyed by 2019.
In the year 2016, only 37 new cases of polio were reported in the world. Which was more than 400 in the late 1980. The Global Polio Community has completed a major plan so far, in which the polio job will end in the next 6 years. Because it protects more than four million children from being paralyzed every year. That is, by the end of 2019, the world will be able to control polio.

7) And the last prediction is that by 2035, you will not find a poor country in World.
Gates has boldly predicted that continuous foreign aid can mean that by almost 2035 almost no country will be poor. He defined “poverty” as the World Bank, which is a daily budget of only $ 1.90. And there are 35 countries in the world whose daily budget is $ 1.90. In the coming time, there will be about two types of countries, one rich and the other middle class. And after that a digital revolution in the world will be born.

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