UK Tours: A Guide To The Three Peaks Challenge


UK Tours aren’t always about traipsing around cities and museums; those looking for a challenge will fancy taking on one (or all three!) of the British Isles’ highest peaks.

The three peaks all pose different challenges but are certainly accessible to walkers of all abilities, depending on the weather conditions. If you’re fit and eager, you may decide to take on The National Three Peaks Challenge and complete all three in one weekend.

This article is a brief guide to the three tallest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis is the highest and most challenging mountain on the British Isles. Reaching the top is no mean feat and is an achievement even the most seasoned walkers are proud of. It normally takes about four hours to reach the top, but only an hour and a half to return. The mountain can be particularly difficult to climb between November and May, so novices should avoid these times.

Snowdon, Wales

The highest mountain in Wales is also renowned for being ‘the busiest mountain on the British Isles’. There are several routes you can take to the summit, each taking in a different set of breathtaking views.

If you chose the path from Glen Nevis, your route will take about five hours. Beware that Snowdon has one of the wettest climates in Great Britain, so be sure to pack your cagoule!

Scafell Pike, Cumbria

The highest peak in England is set in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District. Characterised by its crags and general ruggedness, Scafell Bike is, as Wainwright describes ‘every inch a mountain’. The most commonly taken route to the summit is from Wasdale Head and will take about five hours. The top of Scafell Pike offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Lake District and, on a clear day, a view of Snowdonia.

There are some truly unique climbs on the British Isles that are accessible to walkers of all ages and abilities. You can take the stress out of the organisation of your trip by using a UK tours company, making sure you see the best of the UK, without getting lost!

Due to the popularity of the three peak challenge, it is recommended you avoid commencing your trip at weekends and during peak seasons.